18 August 2014

Makeup Rumours

I was recently given the opportunity to have £10 worth of products from a new make up site Make Up Rumours. You can get a lot for you money from this site and I have to admit I was a little sceptical at how good they would preform considering how amazingly cheap they are. I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised by their performance and am now a massive Make up Rumours convert.  I picked a selection of things that I use most days to compare to my existing collection. 

Gel Eyeliner* - £1

I can't find this on the site any more but as you know I am a massive eyeliner addict and wear gel eyeliner a lot. For a pound I had to give this a go. It gives a pretty good colour pay off but I found it did smudge a bit and didn't have an amazing wear time. The brush it comes with is also pretty good quality and works great on the waterline. This was probably the product I was least wowed by, but for a quid it's great to chuck in your bag for top ups & emergencies etc. 

Liquid Eyeliner* - £1.50

I wasn't expecting too much from this but I love my liquid eyeliner and I'm always looking for a bargain. I was so amazed by this. The nib is a tad harder than I usually go for but I could work with it and it actually makes it easier to do the wings. All the times I have used this I got my wings as even as possible for me first time. It is a really black eyeliner and has an impressive wear time. None of that transfer to the upper lid annoyingness (yes this is now a word) that some cheaper eyeliners seem to do. I did find on one day I seemed to loose a wing but that was the day I spent with my face against a cushion watching criminal minds all day so it was not the eyeliners fault. Apart from that it lasted really well. I would highly recommend this eyeliner especially if you want to try liquid for the first time & don't want to waste money if you don't like it.

Swatch time. The top line is the gel eyeliner and the bottom line is the amazing liquid eyeliner. Look how black it is.

Nude Pressed Powder* - £1

I've nearly run out of my powder and the catch on the pot is broken anyway so I can't take it out with me. I don't tend to spend a lot of money on my powders as I find the cheaper ones perform just as well. This one is no different. I got nude but there are 2 other shades - satin & truffle. I use this with my new Wilko Powder brush that you can see in my haul post and I love it. It keeps my foundation in place & shine at bay. Plus it has a cute lil heart on it. Only downside is there is no mirror in the pot.

Nail Polish Shade 41* - £1, Hot Pink Nail Treats* - £2, Nail Art Metallic Tape* - £1

I haven't tried the false nails yet but they feel pretty sturdy and they come with 2 different transfers so you can pick which design you want. I did some nail art (post soon) with the polish and the striping tape and I loved the effect. The striping tape is good quality and great for nail art beginners like me. My only downside to the polish is the smell. It kinda smells like diesel fumes but it is so strong & my room stank of it afterwards. If you don't mind the smell this is a great colour but is kinda thin in consistency so requires a few coats.

Lipstick Shade 01* - £1, Lipstick shade 13* - £1, Lipstick shade 14* - £1

Its no secret that lipstick is my biggest addiction. For a £1 I picked 2 colours I wouldn't normally go for and of course my favourite colour - Red. I wasn't really expecting a long wear time but thought it was a great way to try new colours. Boy was I wrong. The red lasts 4-5 hours with eating (including a warm gooey brownie with cream) and then starts to fade slightly to a gorgeous even pinky red stain. I had it on for 9 hrs without topping it up and I still looked like I had colour on my lips.

The nude is a great every day I don't want naked lips colour and has really got me into nude lips. Shade 13 is a plum colour and will be great for autumn and I'm so glad I picked it. These lipsticks are so creamy & moisturising and glide on. I was a bit worried that as they were so creamy they would slip off my lip but they have amazing staying power and didn't end up all over my face. A great choice if you want to experiment outside your comfort zone with colours.

The packaging is a sleek matte black tube with a clear window in the top so you can see the shade. The shade number isn't written on them and they don't have names which would be nice but for an amazing price and quality I can't complain

I would definitely recommend giving these products a go and I'm pretty sure that they have a 50% offer until midnight tonight so what are you waiting for.

Have you tried any of their products

*  I was sent this product free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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