14 August 2014

Clinomyn 14 Day Challenge

I have just taken part in the Clinomyn 14 day challenge for whiter teeth. Clinomyn Anti-Stain toothpaste* was originally marketed for smokers but it also works on stains other than nicotine. I really hate my teeth as they're definitely not pearly white and I have a few stains. I'm also a huge coffee addict which doesn't help. I have tried so many whitening toothpastes but none have ticked all the boxes so I jumped at the chance to try this one. 

I have brushed my teeth with this toothpaste every day for 14 days and carried on with my usual coffee drinking. I'm really fussy with the flavour of my toothpaste but this one is nice and refreshing and leaves my mouth feeling minty fresh, nice and clean and passes my high taste standards.

I have definitely noticed a difference and I'm really excited to see how it goes as I finish the tube and I will definitely keep you updated. I have a massive stain on my bottom teeth that I haven't shown you because I really hate my crooked bottom teeth, but it does seem to have faded and I'm hoping as I carry on with it, it'll get even better.

As a picture tells a thousand words apparently here's a before and after shot.
I apologise for the really crappy quality of the first photo. I was in a rush to start the challenge, the lighting sucked and I only had one hand. 

Will you be trying Clinomyn? 
Whats your favourite toothpaste?


*  I was sent this product free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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