24 August 2014

Sunday Summary

Time seems to be flying by at the moment and this time next week I'll be doing last minute packing for my holiday and next thing you know I'll be heading back to uni. This summer has flown.

So things that made me smile this week

1. We finally booked our holiday (technically last week). I'm going to Nice for 5 days with 2 of the most awesome people ever. I cannot wait. Last year we went to Berlin and had the best time ever. It was amazing

2. I somehow joined a wheelchair basketball team. Yep I have no idea how that happened either. I took my brother for a taster session as it's something he's wanted to do ever since he had to start using a chair and somehow I got talked into having a go even though I had a huge migraine & thought I was gonna puke. Next thing you know I'm a member of the team. 3 dislocated fingers and a head that felt like it was gonna explode later and I had played my first game. I had so much fun though and everyone was so lovely, never thought I'd be able to play sport again and I loved it. Need to work on my aim though.

3. I had a sibling day out with my 2 brothers one of which I never get to see because he's a chef and is crazy busy and it was so good to all be together again, plus we saw expendables 3 and Jason Statham always makes the day good.

4. Someone said my pictures of the Charmed Ivy jewellery I posted were amazing and oh my god I have never been so happy. My photography has a long way to go but that made my day.

5. I painted my nails with the most amazing nail polish. Its so sparkly and it looks different colours in different lights. I cant stop staring at it.

6. Friday night was spent curled up on the sofa with my brother drinking lattes, after his new found love for them, and watching crime shows

7. Today I am going to watch my first wheelchair basketball game. Fingers crossed my team wins.

Things that did not make me smile
- My carer shrunk my favourite cardigan
- I had to sleep in a onesie and socks the other night because it was so damn cold. What the hell happened to summer.

What made you smile this week?


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