6 August 2014

It's Okay...

After my surgery I've been having some seriously bad pain days, it was definitely expected but didn't make it any easier. I think I'm finally coming out of the other side of this flare and hopefully things will settle down a bit but obviously good days are still not good compared to other 21 year olds.

The other day I didn't know whether to laugh or cry about all the silly little things I couldn't do myself so I thought I would do a post to show you guys you are not alone and maybe show my healthy readers what life with a chronic illness is like and raise a bit of awareness. Also healthy people may think us awesomely ill people are horrificly  gross and you may be right but we are also exhausted & in pain.

It is perfectly okay

 - to stay in bed all day for a few days in the same pyjamas. Some days moving is just too damn painful & if your family & friends love you they don't care that you look gross & smell bad.

- to not actually be able to remember when you last washed your hair. All that arm lifting is exhausting and there's always dry shampoo and a hat. No one will ever know.

- to febreeze your clothes and use a lot of body spray for the same reason as above. If your going through a flare & only need to pop out for milk no one cares if you've showered and have done your laundry

- to be in your 20s and have to get your mum to wash, dry & dress you. My mums done it for me for the past 2 weeks and I feel like a child and it does feel a tad odd but I am so grateful. Although she did nearly give me concussion with the hair dryer. Plus my parents had a plaiting competition on my hair and loved it.

- to have a wet wipe bath - best things ever invented

- to have to have your food cut up for you - just pretend your a Royal and its beneath you not that you're too weak to attack your chicken

- to drink your coffee out of a sippy cup or through a straw - mugs are heavy and spillages are hot

- for the only thing you eat all day to be a smoothie and ice cream because appetites like to hide and nausea is a bitch

- to eat out of a jug because you can't find the energy to wash up & it hurts like hell

- to scream & cry all over your teddy because it hurts too damn much - thats what they're there for and they always give awesome hugs and if you don't have a teddy, why the hell not?

- to have so many cushions to prop you up and hold joints in place while you attempt to sleep that there is barely enough room for you in bed.

- to talk about the gross things our bodies do. a) its hilarious if people are squeamish and b) its natural for us

And a few that are more positive 

- to bed dance at 3am with your iPod blasting because insomnia strikes again, might as well have fun & it might help you sleep (but probably wont.)

- to have a better friendship with other chronic illness fighters on twitter than some of the people you know in real life

- to name your mobility aids, they're pretty much pets anyway. I have Betty the manual wheelchair and Boris the power chair. Need names for my walking stick & crutches though

- to spend more time choosing super cool pjs than normal clothes - they are so much comfier & lets be honest we spend more time in them

- to make an effort with your clothes & makeup to go to the Drs. Hey sometimes is the only time we get out plus theres always the chance an extremely hot Dr will fall for our crazy bodies

- to buy crazy high heels you are never going to be able to walk in without a dislocation or injury just because they look pretty plus everyone needs wheelchair shoes

- to enjoy yourself even when you're in pain - This is a big one, I sometimes feel like people won't believe I'm in pain if I'm laughing & having fun but the pain is with us every day we need to still enjoy our lives.


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