15 July 2016

Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks

This purchase is 100% entirely Sarah's fault. She text me to talk her out of buying several lipsticks which massively backfired because I obvs told her to do it. I then went onto the site to look at the colors she was buying and accidentally ended up ordering 2 of my own. So I hold Sarah entirely responsible. Total enabler. 

Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks
Every since I saw Sarah's post on her first Dose of Colors order I knew I needed them in my life. The colour selection is gorgeous and I'm a lil bit in love with the packaging. I love the frosted glass look as mentioned in my Beauty Bakerie review. It just looks so much nicer than clear tubes. The doe foot applicators are also perfect and this lipstick applies so nicely.

Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks

I picked up Kiss of Fire and Berry Me 2. Kiss of Fire is described as a fiery red and I have recently fallen back in love with reds. I moved to pinks for ages but I am now obsessed with red again. This one is soo bright its a match made in heaven. It is hands down my favourite bright lip at the moment. I can't get enough. It applies opaque in one coat and lasts soo well. I wore it out for my brothers birthday the other night (outfit post here) and I had to touch it up after eating a massive burger but even then it was only the middle that had worn away. I also didn't get that annoying transfer on my chin you usually get after eating a burger.

Berry me 2 is described as a universally flattering plum shade with a hint of magenta and it is stunning. Ever since Sarah gave me Stila Como I have kinda fallen in love with purples after never being brave enough to wear them. This is different to any shade I own and I love it. It does apply a bit patchy as it's a darker colour but with a second coat to touch up any lighter areas it's good to go. However it does stain your lips so if that's something you don't like I would avoid this shade.

dose of colour matte lipstick swatches

Beauty Bay do stock a very limited selection of colours but they go out of stock quite quickly. I was too impatient to wait for that so I ordered direct from the DOC website. I can't remember how much shipping was but I did get a £12 customs charge as well. Delivery was pretty quick considering it was from the US. It would have been quicker if I'd had cash on me to pay my customs instead of having to wait 2 day to go to the post office. Torture.

If you haven't tried Dose of Colors I highly recommend you do. I need so many more of them now.


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