4 July 2016

Yours Non Wired Lace Bras

It is no secret that I hate wearing bras. I avoid wearing one at every opportunity. I'm not wearing one right now and my bra is usually the first thing I take off when I get in the house. I mean it doesn't even last that long most of the time. My family have got used to me taking it off in the car for the journey home and my mum even had to undo it for me whilst I was driving once.

I suffer really badly with rib pain and the bastard that is know as costochondritis. Seriously one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. The pain literally stops me in my tracks & makes breathing soo painful. Why does it have to be so essential to life. As you can imagine, a bra sitting on your ribs encourages the damn thing and exacerbates the pain hence why I avoid them.

However, when you have kinda big boobs and live in vest tops a bra is some times essential. Apparently flashing is frowned upon. Who knew? This meant I tended to live in my sports bra but they have really chunky bands and get quite hot. Then I found these gorgeous non wired lace bras in yours and it was love at first wear. 

Yours Non Wired Lace Bras

Bras for rib pain

I used to only buy wired bras but my ribs just cannot cope so when I saw these in Yours I had to try them. I got the black and the pink. They also do a white but they didn't have my size in stock otherwise I would have picked that one up too. These bras are seriously the comfiest bras I have ever tried. They range from a 38C to a 46G and the best bit they are only £10. Bargain. Unfortunately I think they are old stock so they are low in stock and sizes.

 I cannot recommend them enough for my fellow plus size people who struggle with pain or who just want to be comfy. The straps are wide enough that they don't hurt my shoulders but not wide enough to stand out when I wear my vest tops. Plus the straps are lace and look cute af so who cares if people see them. I can wear these bras all day without pain. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing one but I still get the support and avoid any nip slips. Plus look how damn cute they are. I honestly cannot recommend these enough. My mum also highly rates them, another person who avoids wearing a bra at every opportunity.

Yours Non Wired Lace Bras

Where is your fave place to get comfy bras?


p.s it was really hard to photograph these so sorry if the photos aren't great

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