25 July 2016

Disney Prints

I was doing so well with my scheduling and then the nice weather came along and distracted me and then my body went down hill again and ruined it all. Just rude really. I had my tilt table test today so feel like crap and was told there was no significant change so still no answers which has put me in a bit of a grump. This means today you get a short but sweet post on the most stunning prints I have ever seen. 

Disney Prints

I saw these prints on someones instagram and immediately had to find out where they were from. Now that I have a desk area in my room (still currently blogging in bed rn shhh) I want to put cute prints up around it to inspire me and look pretty. Plus I managed to knock a max welt all down my wall today (don't ask) so I need to cover the cherry stain. These disney prints fit the bill perfectly.

I am a huuuge disney fan. I mean I nearly own every DVD. I am currently resting on my Sven cushion and joined by my Stitch stuffed toy. You just can't beat Disney.

Anyway, how gorgeous are these Belle & Jasmine prints by Rachel? I am so in love with them and can't wait to get them up on my wall. They're such good value for money and postage was super fast. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more.

You can check out her Etsy as well as instagram and twitter

Where is your fave place to get prints?
Who is your favourite disney character?


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