8 July 2016

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

Ever since I saw Beauty Bakerie lipsticks on Instagram I have wanted to try them but I was not about to pay the shipping from america on top of the $20 price tag. When I saw that Cocktail cosmetics was now stocking them I had to get some. Even their shipping prices nearly put me off. I mean £4.25. Is there any need?

Beauty bakerie

beauty bakerie lip whip

I ordered Cranberry Stiletto and Raspberry Tiramisu. At £15.95 these are not on the cheaper side. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging. The turquoise top is my favourite colour ever and I love the silver detailing on it. I am obsessed with the frosted glass tube with the product appearing in a helix shape. I mean how cute. Packaging gets a 10/10 from me.

Onto the product. It has no smell which I was a lil bit disappointed by. With a name like Beauty Bakerie and a cake theme I expected them to smell like cake or at least vanilla. A bit like the lime crime and stila liquid lipsticks. At least they don't smell overly chemically.
beauty bakerie lip whip
As the two colours I picked are on the darker side they did apply streaky. I think Ofra and maybe stila are the only dark lipsticks I have that don't do this. I really struggled to get an even application with Raspberry Tiramisu even with touch ups etc. Cranberry stiletto was easier and only needed to touch up a few lighter patches.

These are marketed as long lasting, waterproof, smudge free lipsticks. I swatched these on my arms and once they are dry they really don't smudge and are definitely waterproof. My mum was laughing at me because I couldn't get the swatches off. To remove I have found that only my L'oreal extraordinary oil cleansing oil could get it to budge. Ultrabland barely even touched it. Definite staying power but a massive bitch to get off. I had to scrub my lips pretty hard with a flannel to get it to even budge. At least my lips are now nicely exfoliated.

beauty bakerie lip whip cranberry stiletto

On the lips however, they're a bit weird. They feel kinda sticky even when dry which is a weird sensation. I wouldn't say they are the most comfortable to wear. You're definitely aware of it on your lips. They are definitely smudge proof. They don't transfer at all which my brother appreciated when I stole his drink. However, after a bit they wear off in the centre so you're left with a lipstick that's a bitch to remove on most of your mouth and then a naked patchy centre. Not a good look. I hadn't even eaten anything and only drank water so it's not like I was eating oily foods. Touching up isn't too bad, it doesn't clump together so that's a plus but it feels like you need to layer it on even more to get an even coverage making it more uncomfortable.

beauty bakerie lip whip swatches

Cranberry stiletto lip whip swatch
Cranberry Stiletto on application and 3 hours later
(sorry for the poor quality photos and weird lighting. Tips on better lip swatch photos

These lipsticks weren't really for me. They have a gorgeous range of colours and their packaging is stunning. I wouldn't mind the price if they lived up to the claims. I'm going to keep trying with Cranberry stiletto (selfie of me wearing it here) because I do love the colour but I'm probably going to sell Raspberry tiramisu. It's such a good concept if it had worked.

Have you tried them?


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