5 July 2016

Outfit Post Fail

Yesterday we went out for dinner for my brothers 21st. I actually got dressed up and wore something other than pyjamas or leggings and it felt good although no where near as comfy as pjs. I put on one of the 2 dresses I actually own and actually wore heels. Not a trainer in sight. I got all excited and thought I could actually do an outfit post and get some photos in front of the sea in Aberaeron. The wind had other ideas. Every photo was just an epic fail and I could not stop laughing so I decided to share them with you anyway. I mean you can kind of see my outfit.

The middle photo makes me laugh so much. I have about 10 different photos all of me trying to stop my dress flying up and I'm 90% sure I flashed my ass at one point. Moving on to outfit details. I'm sorry but as I rarely go out all of these clothes are ollld but I tried finding similar items for you.

Dress - New Look
Tights - I want to say New Look but I cant remember (similar here)
Shoes - New Look (similar here minus the studs)

On the plus side I got some pretty awesome selfies if I do say so myself. I'm really feelin my face in these pics so you can have some makeup deets too. I've just got a new foundation. I've only worn it twice so far but oh my it is love. As soon as I've tested it out more I will give you a full review. 

So that was my second attempt at an outfit post. Here's hoping third time lucky and I will actually get some decent photos. I definitely want to do more outfit posts and my dad has already volunteered to be official photographer. Although what do you do with your arms and your face? Like seriously I just end up looking super awkward or laughing. Tips please. 

Also I may do some chronic illness style posts with like my fave pyjamas and comfiest clothes. I totally rock the leggings and loose T-shirt combo.


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