18 October 2015

New Animated Films// Home & Penguins of Madagascar

So I'm a massive kid and a huge fan of animated films. I'm pretty sure the majority of my extremely large film collection is probably animated including nearly all the Disney films. Dreamworks is definitely competing well with Disney for producing some of my favourite animations. The Road to El Dorado, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon and The Croods to name a few so I was pretty excited to add to new films to my collection. I may however need my dad to build me some more shelves soon. 


Home Review

I've wanted this for ages but as I'm poor I've been waiting for it to come down in price but I just couldn't wait any more. Then the week after I bought it, it dropped by about £3 so you're welcome guys.

At least it was worth a tenner. I've already watched it 3 times so I'm getting my moneys worth. I love it. The way Boovs talk is so damn adorable, everyone should definitely talk like that from now on. It has such a cute story line even though it's about an Alien invasion which separates Mother & Daughter. Tip and Oh become an unlikely pair trying to prevent a second alien invasion whilst finding Tips Mum. Its cute and sad and funny and I love it. 

Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar review

My mum thought I was joking when I said I wanted to watch this film so I had to buy it myself. Shocking behaviour. I decided when I had to stay overnight with my brother in hospital it was the perfect excuse to treat ourselves. I love the Madagascar films (third one not so much) and I saw the advert for it on the Home dvd and it made me actually lol so you know it had to happen.

This film has the most adorable start with cute fluffy baby penguins and it is definitely on a par with Madagascar. The one liners are hilarious and Dave the octopus is such an awesome villain. They storyline is also pretty adorable and I just want to hug Private and tell him he's a valued member of my team. Super spy animals and ninja like penguins going against an evil octopus is a winning combination. 

Have you seen them yet? What did ya think?


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