3 October 2015

11 Thoughts I Had As A Graduate At Freshers

Last saturday I headed back to Bangor to meet up with my old flatmates and pretend that we were still students for one night. We stayed in an adorable hotel, watched the rugby and reverted back to drinking sourz out of the bottle and playing drinking games. Sourz was spilt, awesome selfies were taken and a lot of laughing occurred. However once we got to the club I felt sooo old.

Here are some of the thoughts that went through my mind in between drinking, dancing like a pro and belting out R. Kelly Ignition.

1. Why is it so expensive to get in the club? Back in my day...

2. Why does everyone look about 12? Am I really that old? Like seriously how did they get in?

3. Why is everything so sticky? Do I even want to know?

4. What is this music? Do I know this? Is this even classed as music?

5. I may have done a lot of embarrassing things but at least I never had to be carried out of the club by a bouncer or puked on the middle of the dance floor at 11pm.

6. Why are guys so creepy? Do they think this is actually gonna work. No one wants to sleep with you. Please leave

7. I really want a cuppa, is it bed time yet?

8. Whyy do I always get a drink spilt on me? I dont understand. Am I a drink magnet?

9. Yesss Chips time.

10. Thank you kind taxi driver for not being creepy but do you really have to charge so much?

11. Oh my god a bed has never felt this comfy. I never want to move who even cares about the massive patch of spilt sourz.

It was an epic night and the hangover was worth it. Massive shout out to spoons for their unlimited coffee and their epic breakfast. Also Lucozade you are my number one.


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