19 October 2015

Dorkface Shop

I have wanted a new header for a while now to spruce up the blog and make it more me but I didn't really know what I wanted. When I saw that Jemma had started doing customised headers I knew I wanted her to do it. She is so talented and creative and I knew she would be able to come up with something amazing. All I asked for was a pink haired mermaid and oh my I am so in love. It is everything I wanted and now I just keep going on my blog just so I can see it. It also got my Dads seal of approval as I squealed when I put it up and had to show someone and he was the only one home. He didn't quite match my excitement levels but it was pretty close.

If you're not already following Jemma on Twitter and Instagram what are you doing with your lives? She is one of the nicest girls ever and her instagram feed is just too cute. Also if you want to be inspired to be creative daily you need to follow her blog.

If you don't need a new header but still want some of her art then fear not. She does personalised illustrations and custom work and she also has an Esty Shop where you can get adorable cards like these. How freakin awesome is the Mermaid in Disguise personalised card?

I fell in love with the pink haired girl for obvious reasons and when Jemma put it up on Etsy I have never purchased something so quickly. She also tweeted about needing people to buy stuff so she could buy more art supplies so really I was just helping out a friend. I love it so much and it looks so awesome up on my wall but I couldn't get a picture because the lighting sucks and it kept coming out yellow and gross.

So if you need a new header or just want a custom piece definitely keep Jemma in mind. She's honestly so lovely and talented.


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