5 October 2015

Cute Cups for Crappy Hands

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I am super clumsy and always spilling drinks. In fact I wear a bib when I eat dinner most nights because I'm so damn messy (True story. My Grandma gave it to me as a joke and I love it). This is mainly due to my chronic illness affecting the grip in my hands and causing spasms etc and also because I'm just a clumsy person.

Anyway I've been on a few shopping sprees recently and spent way too much money but I kept getting sucked in by adorable cups that are perfect for my sucky hands. They all have lids and/or straws and they are all adorable. One is even mermaid print (I squealed when I saw it in the shop). They are all pretty purse friendly as well (It may have been the 2 pairs of shoes I got that my bank account was not impressed with).

So I thought I would do a post on all the cute cups (for hot & cold drinks) I have that keep my clothes spillage free and are also great for travelling even if you are blessed with sturdy hands. Spoiler alert: I have A LOT.

Hot Drinks

These two are my absolute favourites and I take them with me whenever I'm travelling. I cannot leave to get in the car without one of these bad boys. I love the But First Coffee one and tend to use it around the house as well but man the Bodum one is amazing.

The only downside to this mug is that it is so damn good at its job that you have to wait at least an hour and a half for your beverage to cool down enough to enjoy. Plus side you can make 2 drinks at the same time and then by the time you're ready for your second one it's perfect drinking temperature. Win win.

Cold Drinks

Cups with lids and straws make the world a better less sticky place. I absolutely adore the cute mason jars with lids. The two smaller ones are from B&M and only a pound. There were loads of designs to choose from as well. Matalan also do some for £3. The bigger one is from New Look but I cannot find it on the website.

When I saw the mermaid cup in New Look I may have squealed a bit. It is perfect. Also the Unicorn bottle was too damn hard to resist. Unicorns and mermaids are life and I just couldn't ignore them. These are my main drinking vessels at the moment.

 I also have Penny the Penguin from the West Midlands Safari Park (my brother calls everyone clever/silly little penguins for some strange reason so we are obsessed with penguin themed stuff now). Its so damn cute and even has a carry strap so I can look super cool.

I also have a childs sippy cup for really bad days as its non spill and light enough for me to pick up. I can also have my coffee in it and drink lying down. This is the Tommee Tippee Easy Drink Beaker but I just went into Asda and picked one that was a nice size (and colour - very important). These are a life saver for bad days.

Helen has also done a post on helpful drinking aids for anyone who struggles. Its amazing and I've already added some of the things she suggested to my to buy list so go check it out

What cute cups do you use?


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