16 October 2015

Autumn appreciation

Sorry I disappeared. I've been in  France visiting my Grandparents and then I crashed for a few days because you know Queen of over doing it and all that.

I'm not normally a massive fan of the colder seasons as my body and cold do not get on. I'm a huge sun worshipper and love wearing shorts, getting tanned, going to the beach and being warm. Summer is my favourite. However this year I have found myself getting swept up in the huge love for Autumn minus the being cold bit.

1. Being cosy in big fluffy jumpers and super soft blankets and basically being a burrito of soft things for several months.

2. Sitting in front of the fire for like 5 mins because then I get way too hot and complain that my family is trying to cook me whilst wearing as little clothing as is acceptable.  

3. Drinking all the delicious hot beverages without over heating. All the coffee and all the fancy hot chocolate. 

4. The gorgeous colours and amazing sunsets. 

5. Being inside wrapped up warm listening to the rain and knowing that someone has to actually go out in that whilst you're all cosy.

6. Halloween and scary films. 

7. Boots and fluffy socks. My feet might actually be warm for a little bit. Maybe. Probably not

8. Beanies. I mean no one can tell I haven't washed my hair. What's not to love?

9. The food: soups, stews, casseroles, shepherds pie, custard, rice pudding. Mmmmmmm

10. Going to the Sea. The Sea is so much more exciting in colder windier weather and it is soo refreshing. Definitely need to wrap up and means there's an excuse to eat chips to warm up. 

11. Darker nights mean I can go to bed earlier and not feel guilty about it. Hello Netflix.

What do you love about Autumn?


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