16 November 2014

Sunday Smiles

I've been feeling pretty crappy this week and I think I've got some sort of virus/bug thing going on which is kicking my ass so I thought I'd write down the things that have made me smile to cheer me up.

1. Costa Brownie Hot chocolate. It was delicious and definitely needed. Really want to try the Orange hot chocolate next

2.  Saturday was spent napping and watching Disney films in my pillow nest and it was amazing.

3. Me and a friend had the genius idea to use up the watermelon we had by making watermelon vodka smoothies. Best idea ever.

4. I got 13 hours sleep 2 nights this week. Must be ill but it was good to actually sleep.

5. We had sausage sandwiches for breakfast on Saturday. Best breakfast ever

6. My mum sent me loads of snapchats of my drunk brother & dad and it was hilarious

7. It's Beanie weather again so I don't have to make an effort with my hair

What made you smile this week?


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