2 November 2014

My Halloween Face

Once again I've been really bad at posting, I'm sorry. Life just got in the way. I mean how rude.

For Halloween this year my brother came up to stay with me in Uni and me and a few friends painted our faces, looked freakin awesome and stayed in, took a billion selfies and had a few drinks. Much better than going out in the cold and wet & getting crushed in a sticky & sweaty club. The next day we ate as much junk food as possible. Mcdonalds for Lunch & Dominos for dinner, would have been rude not to. Of course we also watched Hocus Pocus and took a nap like the adults we are.

I can take no credit for this look at all as I got too angry when I couldn't get my lips right so my amazing friend saved me & took over, transforming me into this. What do you think? 

What did you dress up as?


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