15 November 2014

Recently Watched

This film was soo so much better than I expected. Definitely in my top horror/thriller films. Looking at the cover I expected it to be a possessed child but it was so much better than that. This is such a tense film while Kate tries to convince her husband something isn't right with the 9yr old girl they adopt but no one believes her. There is something evil about her but she's so convincing as an angelic child when she wants to be. Kate has to try and convince everyone that she's evil before it's too late. I also adore the little girl max, she's such a cutie. Definitely recommend if you love a good thriller.

Ru Pauls Drag Race
I've seen people raving about this everywhere and when I couldn't sleep the other night and needed distracting I decided to give it a go and oh my god I love it. These drag queens are so fabulous and it's soo much better than Americas Next Top Model.

Just Go With It
I've seen this before but needed a chick flick I didn't need to concentrate on when I couldn't sleep. I love Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Danny pretends to be married to get laid but then he falls for the girl of his dreams and tells her that his assistant (Jen) is his soon to be ex wife. He then ends up creating even more lies and getting himself into trouble. Its typical chick flick with a predictable ending but it's so funny, the kids in it make me laugh and watching them try to keep up with the lies is amusing bordering on cringey, Also Jen has a banging body and I'm stupidly jealous.

I've seen some people hate this and others love it and I am definitely in the love it category. I adored this film. Angelina Jolie looked A-Mazing and I loved the story. Seeing a different side of the story and finding out why Maleficent was so bad ass was awesome. I know a lot of people wanted her to be bad just because she was evil but I preferred this story. I wasn't a massive fan of the 3 faeries though. They stupidity kinda annoyed me.

Bounty Hunter
Another Jennifer Aniston film with the added bonus of Gerald Butler. Milo is a bounty hunter who gets a call to bring in his ex wife which makes his day. She's a reporter on the brink of a huge story though so soon shakes him off chasing a lead with him chasing her until they both end up running for their lives. This is romance, comedy and action rolled into one and I love it.

The Originals
I loved the Vampire Diaries but I dunno I've kinda gone off it a bot at the moment but I loved Klaus and his siblings so when I saw this on Netflix I thought I'd give it a go. I think I may actually love this more than TVD. I love Hayley and all the sibling rivalry and as usual there's lots of drama, betrayal and tension between the vampires and everyone else. Klaus tries to hide his softer side. Marcel is rather attractive and Rebekah is a bad ass as usual.

What have you been watching recently?


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