19 November 2014

Essence Express Dry Spray

If you are as impatient as me and cannot wait for your nails to dry and then end up smudging them or getting the dreaded duvet print because you did them too late then read on, this is the product for you.

I was in Wilkinsons spending a fortune on things I didn't need when I spotted the Essence stand. Having bought some Essence makeup when I was in Germany last year and loving it I thought I'd buy some more things. That was when I spotted this magic in a can. An aerosol express dry spray. I've tried drops but I didn't really get on with them but this, this is love. 

This magical little spray dries nails quicker and adds shine for only £2.50. It even smells pretty good and it comes in an awesome coloured can fit for a mermaid. Just paint your nails wait 30 secs and then spray and then they're kinda touch dry which means you don't have to wait as long before you can finally pee (because bladders are evil & wait until we have wet nails & then attack). I used it in my striping tape nail art to speed up the process as well. 

What's your favourite from the essence range?


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