5 November 2014

Bad Beauty Habits

As I picked all my nail varnish off the other day I thought I should probably do a bad beauty habits post. Maybe it will help me stop...but probably not

I dont even know what this photo is but I found it on my phone & the face seemed to fit

1. As mentioned at the start, I pick my nail varnish. I can pick a whole manicure off once I start. Saves on nail polish remover but ruins my nails. Also doesn't help my already flaky nail

2. I'm really lazy at cleaning my brushes. I don't even use that many and I still put off doing it for wayy longer than is good for my face.

3. I use makeup for longer than I should. I only chuck it out if I react to it which has only happened twice.

4. I brush my hair when it's wet. In fact this is probably the only time I brush it and I know its super bad for it.

5. I pop spots. Its gross and bad but I can't resist it. I'm also terrible for trying to pop them too early

6. I sleep in my makeup occasionally if Im super tired. Im getting better at taking it off but Im probably still going to bblogger hell

7. Cleansing. I do take my makeup off most nights with a micellar water but I only use an actual cleanser when I remember.

What are your bad habits?


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