18 October 2018

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks

It's no secret that I love a good liquid lipstick. I have honestly lost count of how many I own. I rarely wear anything else. I love a long-lasting colour because honestly, I'm too lazy to constantly reapply. I also absolutely love a bold colour and you can't beat the colour payoff of a matte liquid lipstick. I normally stick to slightly higher end brands because I find the staying power better. My faves are Dose of Colors, Smashbox and Stila. Anastasia Beverly Hills has also started to creep up my list as I am absolutely obsessed with the shade Vintage but that's the only shade I have tried so far. 

However, Maybelline may be about to change everything for me because they have honestly nailed an affordable liquid lipstick that ticks all my boxes. I have also fallen in love with the purples and blues they have to offer

First of all the packaging is gorgeous whilst also being super practical. It's square so it doesn't roll away when I try to take photos or put it down on my dressing table. You can easily tell the shades apart as the tube shows the colour and the shade name/number is clearly written on the lid.

I also absolutely adore the applicator. I'm a huge fan of pointed applicators for lipsticks because it makes getting a defined line so much easier. They also have a deliciously sweet, cake-like scent which isn't too strong or sickly and doesn't have the gross chemically tinge to it. Once it's on the lips though, you can't smell it if that's not your thing. 

They feel slightly tacky once applied but as soon as they have dried down (takes maybe a minute) they are completely matte but not at all drying. They are definitely one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I own. I can barely feel that I have one on. There's also no crumbling or flaking if you touch your lips together and they don't transfer. If you do feel like you need to reapply then they layer nicely without bunching up or feeling gross. 

Seductress A peachy nude - Now I'm not normally a massive nude lipstick wearer, especially a peachy one, but I absolutely adore this shade. I wore it to death throughout the summer and it looks gorgeous paired with my fave Max Factor lip gloss which I mentioned in my July Favourites Post. My go to look with this lippie is, mascara, all the highlighter and this shade with a gloss for a gorgeous, natural dewy look. 

Visionary - A grey lilac - As this is a bit of a different shade, I haven't actually worn this one out yet. That being said, it is such a pretty shade and the colour payoff is just as good as the other two. This one does apply a bit streaky to start with but it is easy to even out and it doesn't end up flaky. When I had blonde hair, I found this shade washed me out quite a bit, but it goes so nicely with my pink hair. If you want to try Dose of Colors Cold Shoulder (insta photo here) without the price tag I would definitely recommend giving Visionary a go. I would say visionary is a slightly lighter, more purple toned version.

Voyager - A gorgeous dark red - As mentioned in my August Favourites Post this shade applies like a dream. Considering it's a darker shade it applies opaque and streak free in one swipe. The lasting power is also incredible. It stays put well past the 7-hour mark with minimal fading. This might actually be my all-time favourite dark red. It's the perfect bold shade for me, it's super comfortable, lasts for hours and doesn't crumble. It can sometimes feather a bit without a lip liner though. 

There are so many shades to choose from as well considering it's a drugstore range. They have the usual nudes, reds and pinks as well as an orange, some absolutely gorgeous purples that I need and even a dark blue which I have my eye on.

If you are looking for an affordable but extremely comfortable matte liquid lipstick then I highly recommend these. I have tested a fair amount from various brands and I have to say this one is probably the best value for money. It's everything I look for.

What is your all-time favourite liquid lipstick?


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