3 August 2018

July 2018 Favourites

Wow, I actually have my favourites post written on time. As usual, I'm still not wearing much makeup 1. I don't have the energy 2. I've not really been anywhere and 3. It's still too warm even with the rain. So I've pretty much been sticking to Mascara, Brow Gel, highlighter and a nude lip and I am so in love with it. Obsessed with being a glowly lil angel.

July 2018 Favourites

Palmers Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil

I bought this last month, fell in love with it and now it is sold out everywhere. If they are discontinuing it I may actually cry. First off it smells delicious and secondly, it melts off all of my makeup and then rinses off super easily. It also doesn't leave my face feeling dry. Bonus point as well for not hurting when my clumsy ass gets it in my eye.

Lottie London Strobe Stix in Starstruck

As mentioned in last months favourite post I am loving highlighter sticks at the moment. They are perfect for my dry skin and just work so well for a dewy look. Starstuck is such a gorgeous shade and blends like a dream. You just whack it on, blend with your finger and you look amazing. If you want to be seen from space you can then layer a powder like Tarte Gleam on top so the Aliens can admire your glow.

July 2018 Favourites

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink 65 Seductress - Full Review -

I am normally a bold lip kinda girl but I am actually obsessed with nudes at the moment. It's such an easy colour to chuck on and go and so low maintenance. I have reached for Maybelline seductress non-stop this month. It is a perfect nude shade, super comfortable to wear and is also long wearing. I also adore the packaging which makes it easy to find the shade you are looking for. I have a couple of other shades but I haven't managed to stop wearing this one long enough to try them yet.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lip Lacquer in Honey Nude

It would seem I still can't get enough of glossy lips. What has happened to me? This Max factor nude one is just so damn beautiful. It isn't sticky and just glides on. I absolutely adore it. It looks great on its own but I love pairing it with Seductress to make it longer lasting and more opaque.  I feel like I may have to get a back up of this one so I am never without.

Shoulder tattoo and undercut
(I'll get better pictures eventually but for now, have some phone & mirror selfies)

My Shoulder Tattoo

As the basketball season has finished for the summer it meant it was finally time to get my next tattoo. I got my thigh done in October and I have been itching to get another one for months. I was torn over a few different placements/designs but I decided to go with a shoulder piece. I got 2 roses for the sole reason that they are pretty and my tattoo artist does them so beautifully. I am so in love with them. I already want to extend it and am definitely saving up for more work. The only part I am not looking forward to is the excruciating numb ass.

Tattoo was done by Sam at Infinity Ink Tattoo Studio

My Undercut

July seems to be the month I just took the plunge on everything I've been wanting for a while. I have super thick hair and am growing out a graduated bob (which I will 100% cut back in in a few months because I am so indecisive). I get hot and overheat easily. Tying my hair up usually involved a billion hair clips for the bits that didn't reach the bobble. Washing it and drying it takes forever. Plus getting it out the way and keeping it up for basketball was just effort. I  have been saying that I want an undercut for about 5 years.

During the heatwave, I finally snapped and went to my brothers' Barbers and was like just cut it all off. Safe to say I am obsessed. My head feels a billion times lighter, chucking my hair up is a breeze, it looks cool af and it's fun to stroke.

What have you been reaching for most this month?


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