16 August 2017

Vegan Tuck Box August 2017

My favourite time of the month is Vegan Tuck Box time. Is there anything better than getting a box full of delicious food delivered to your door. The charity that this months box supports is the Fields of Freedom Sanctuary in Denmark and the recipe is for a Barbecue Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich which looks delicious. So here's what I got in this months box.

Vegan Tuck Box August 2017
Obviously the first thing that jumped out at me was the fact that there were 2 big chocolate bars and a bag of chocolate covered fudge. I've had to avoid chocolate for so long because the dairy made me ill that now I'm obsessed with trying all the dairy free options. Seriously I buy so much chocolate now. It's a tad ridiculous.

Vegan Tuck Box August 2017

Fabulous Fudge Factory Chocovered Sea Salt Fudge Bites £1.89

These ended with me and my mum fighting over the last ones. They are so damn good. I need about a billion packets now please. I am already a huge fan of their dairy free chocolate rainins but these have definitely blown those out of the water.

Rapunzel Rice Milk Hazelnut Chocolate £3.00 

This was okay but nothing special. I've tried nicer vegan chocolate. It was just a bit bland for my liking. I mean I still ate it though. You can get the Praline Bar on the vegan tuck box site.

Love Cocoa Mint Chocolate £4.00

Really wasn't a fan of this one. The initial taste was a nice minty chocolate but it has a really weird aftertaste. I do still kinda want to try their coffee chocolate though.

Vegan Tuck Box August 2017

NoNo Rose Superfood Truffle £2.50

I knew I wasn't going to like these as soon as I saw that they were rose. I hate rose. It just reminds me of soap which was a shame as they are so beautifully packaged. Definitely not for me though

Simplee Aloe with Superberries £1.69

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I think I like it. It was definitely nicer than I was expecting. Nice and fruity. I also got a voucher for a free 1L bottle from Sainsburys.

VegaDolce Chocolate Striped Peanut Cookies £1.70 

It's no secret that I love peanut butter and peanut cookies are my absolute fave. Can never resist them. These aren't quite as good as my homemade ones but they are pretty damn delicious. They are german but I have found them on vegantown. However, the box in my house is no more as they only lasted about 5 minutes before we inhaled them all.

Wild Trail Apple Fruit & Nut Bar £0.99

I wasn't that keen on this one either. It's similar to the Nakd bars but it just didn't taste of much. I was expecting a much stronger apple flavour. I'll be sticking with my Nakd bars for now. I'm currently in love with the Lemon Drizzle ones.

Vegan Tuck Box August 2017

Tasty Bite Bombay Potatoes £2.19

I am so excited to try these. Easy lunches are my absolute favourite and this sounds so good.

Pastinos Arrabbiata £0.70

Oh my god these were hands down my favourite thing in the box. I'm a huge crisp fan and these Pasta crisps are just incredible. I need all the flavours in my life now.

Mr Filbert's Seaside Salt & Vinegar Mixed Nuts £3.25

These are soo good and perfect for snacking on. I've had a browse of the website and I can guarantee I will be picking up some of the other flavours especially the chocolate and salted caramel ones. Also interested to try the seed packs.


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