3 August 2017

Fundraising For Kit

As you guys may know I play wheelchair basketball. Worcester Wolves kindly took me under their wing when I was lacking a team and they are now family. I mean definitely an extremely weird and slightly dysfunctional one but still family. I play both National and Women's league with them but our women's league team need your help.

We are an all-female wheelchair basketball club in Worcester, West Midlands, with players from all over the U.K. We set up our club just under a year ago with a small number of women and entered into the National Women's Division. In our first season we were promoted. This season we are entering two teams. A Division 3 team and a Division 2 team. Due to this fantastic growth of the club we are in need of new kit in order to compete next season.

However with no government funding it is extremely difficult to 100% self-fund due to the equipment used, for example basketball wheelchairs cost usually in the region of £2500-£4000. This is why we are asking for help with the purchase of playing kit.

Women's league is honestly the tournament I have the most fun at. Just a load of women being awesome and using the guys as our bitches for the weekend.

If you could check out our gofundme and donate even a pound it would help us massively. We really want to go back and show what we can do with more players.

If anyone is near Nottingham and fancies coming to watch some Wheelchair basketball then I'll try and let you know the dates when I find them.


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