2 August 2017

Non Beauty July 2017 Favourites

I don't really know what happened to July but it has flown by. I haven't really worn much makeup so my beauty faves (coming soon) is lacking a bit so I thought I would do a non beauty favourites too. Basically features all the cute homeware and coffee. Pretty much all I need in life. I massively angered my back trying to get photos but I am determined to post more regularly this month. So here's what I've been loving.

Non Beauty July 2017 Favourites

DW Home Ocean Flower Candle

I love Homesense but I don't get to go very often as my nearest are Swansea or Cardiff. However, I tend to go to the one in Bristol whenever I'm down there visiting. That means whenever I do go in I want to buy the whole shop. I was pretty good this time and only purchased 3 things. It is the rules though that when visiting Homesense you have to smell every candle and buy at least one. I opted for this gorgeous Ocean Flower one because 1) Blue is one of my favourite colours and 2) it smells so damn good. I don't even have to light it and my living room smells incredible. It's also really slow burning so it is going to last for ages.

Big Plans Planner

As soon as I saw this planner in Homesense I fell in love. I tried to talk myself out of buying it because I already have one buut I failed. I mean mine runs out in Dec and this one is until Dec 2018. Plus this one is also gorgeous and perfect for getting my butt into gear and organising my blog. I will get my shit together this month and this beautiful planner will help me.

Big Plans Planner

Wireless Mouse

My mum stole my mouse ages ago (no mum I will not get over the theft) so I finally ordered this from amazon after getting super angry trying to edit photos. It has made my life so much easier and as it's white it matches my laptop which is always a winner. Plus it was only £6.99


How cute is this lil guy? Whenever I go to Ikea I always have to check out the plants. After successfully keeping my last succulent alive I decided that I could maybe be trusted with another one. I am loving plants at the moment and I definitely want a bigger one in my living room soon but for now I will just admire my lil buddy. He's just so adorable and his cute grey pot is perfect for photos.

Non Beauty July 2017 Favourites

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Mylk Coffee

Whenever I'm doing a food shop I am an actual child and my mum usually has to feed me on the way round. I normally pick up a bottle of water or a smoothie but after trying this I am never going back. I'm all about the dairy free life. My skin looks so good and the lil baby cows need the milk more than I do. This tastes so damn delicious. They also do a chocolate one but you can get a big carton of Oatly chocolate milk for 30p cheaper which is the bomb. I do however want a lifetime supply of this coffee one. The amount of supermarkets I go in that don't sell it is just outrageous.

Grey Mug

I'd been eyeing this mug up for a few weeks in my local Tesco. Then the day I decided I actually needed it it was sold out and I was devastated. Luckily as I have a mug addiction I browse that section every time I pop in for food and a week later it was back. I have never put something breakable in my basket so quickly. I love it so much. I mean it's not the most practical for my crappy hands but that's what stainless steel straws were invented for. Plus it looks so good in instagram photos.

What have you been loving recently?


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