4 August 2017

Lacura Skincare

If you've been into Aldi recently you may have seen this Lacura skincare range. My mum kindly treated me to the range and I've been testing it out. I would never normally pick up skincare from Aldi especially as I don't go in very often. I seem to get angry old people ramming me with their trolleys or I can't get down aisles so I tend to avoid it. However I am very impressed with this range and it's such a good price.

Lacura Skincare
Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask £ 5.99

My mums friend told her about this so she popped in to Aldi to pick it up for me and accidentally ended up buying nearly the whole range. Guess who I got my shopping problem from haha. Anyway this mask is a definite dupe for Glam Glow. The packaging is pretty damn similar with it coming in a mirrored silver pot. It looks pretty high end considering it costs the grand total of £6.

Glam glow face mask dupe

I would definitely recommend patch testing this as it may irritate some sensitive skin. It definitely tingles and at one point I wasn't sure if it had gone past tingling to stinging but by the time I convinced myself to move it had stopped tingling and actually felt nice and cooling. It's an exfoliating clay mask with extracts of witch hazel, green tea and red algae. After washing it off my face felt so smooth and refreshed. You know when you wash with mint shower gel or eat a mint and it feels cold. That's what my face felt like for a bit. I actually preferred this to the £30 Glam glow one as this doesn't have big chunks of plant in it and the glam glow one definitely irritated my skin. If you see this you should definitely pick one up.

 Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask review

Lacura Spa Body Mask £ 5.99

This is my least favourite out of everything. It's a body mask which you apply leave for I'm assuming 10ish minutes (there's no instructions) and wash off. It's just so damn messy. I got it everywhere and then I got bored waiting so I washed it off early. It smells nice and did leave my skin feeling soft though.

 Lacura Spa Body Mask review

Lacura Spa Body Scrub £5.99

This scrub smells so refreshing with a natural blend of sea salt, coffee and seaweed extracts. It's not as gritty as my all time favourite Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub but for a fraction of the price I love it. I used this before shaving my legs and I got a much smoother, closer shave (extra amazing because my razor is blunt and definitely needs replacing). It left my legs feeling so soft.

 Lacura Spa Body Scrub review

Spa Body Balm £ 4.99

This also smells really nice. It contains 10% Shea Butter as well as Coconut Oil, Cocoa Buter and Seaweed extract. It's a thicker consistency than the spray moisturiser I've been using but not as thick as The Body Shop body butters. I love it. I applied after my shower last night and not only did I smell good but my legs felt amazing. I don't think my legs have ever felt so soft. They still feel super soft and moisturised today and I haven't applied anything else.

Spa Reed Soothing Diffuser £ 2.99

My mum also picked me up a reed diffuser but I didn't get a good enough picture. For £3 this smells so good. It doesn't have the scent payoff that my favourite national trust one does but it still smells amazing and is such a bargain. I mean my chair smells amazing at the moment because I may or may not have knocked it over whilst trying to take photos and now my blanket smells incredible.

Have you tried any of this range yet?


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