4 September 2017

Chaffree Kinickerboxers

All my fellow thick thighed people will understand the curse of chaffing or chub rub. Cute summer outfits end with beautifully raw painful thighs and make me not want to wear dresses. You would think being in a wheelchair would mean I didn't have to worry about this anymore and while it is slightly better I do still get it. You may not know this and you may not want to know this but sitting in a wheelchair in the heat all day results in incredibly sweaty ass and thighs and I cannot sit still so I still get the beloved chaffing. Y'know that feeling when you sit on a plastic chair in the sun well imagine sitting like that all day. It's not great.Chaffree Kinickerboxers review

Dress: Yours 
Sandals: So old I can't remember sorry

I don't think I have ever been as excited to try some underwear as I was when the Chaffree KnickerBoxers* came through my door.

The knickerboxers are lightweight, seamless, stretchy and latex free with anti bacterial properties which help give relief from sweating and chafing. They are made in the performance wicking fabric COOLMAX® which keeps skin cool and dry. The quick dry material is also perfect for a quick turn around after washing.

I absolutely adore the fact that there aren't any labels in these as labels irritate the hell out of my super sensitive fibro skin and cause me so much pain. Why are labels still a thing? They also have double stitching for extra strength so they should last. These are honestly the softest, comfiest things I have ever worn. When I first tried them on I had on a baggy t-shirt and these and I have never been so comfy (may be my outfit of choice for last minute editing of this post). I never wanted to take them off.

Chaffree Kinickerboxers

Ranging from XS-3XL or a 6-36 they really do cater for a wide range of sizes. There is also a choice of 4 colours. At £18 they are a tad pricey but oh my god they are more than worth it.

I opted for the size S/M 6" leg with the midi waist and they are the absolute perfect fit. I wear a 12-14 on my bottom and anything from a 16 to a 20 on my top. These fit my legs perfectly but also pull up over my stomach without digging in or rolling down. I love the fact that these mould to the body like a second skin as they actually stay put and don't fall down. Hands down the comfiest item of clothing I own.

Now onto the anti chafing properties. I am in love. My thighs have never felt so cool and soft. They just glide over each other with no need to do an awkward waddle to stop your thighs starting a fire. We haven't had much of a summer for me to try these out in but as I am a naturally hot person I feel confident in saying these are a summer must have for my chunky thighed babes. Now with regards to being in a wheelchair these do help with the sweaty ass situation. I even tested these out at wheelchair basketball training to put them through their sweaty paces. Two and a half hours of intense exercise whilst strapped tightly to a chair. Now obviously I was still sweaty but when I got changed afterwards I noticed quite a significant difference in how sweaty I was. These definitely helped and they massively reduced irritation from my gym clothes and being strapped into my chair.

Chaffree Kinickerboxers

So if you struggle with chaffing and want to enjoy pretty skirts and dresses in the warm without the pain, I highly recommend picking some of these bad boys up. I am in love and will definitely be treating myself to some more. My mum has also told me I have to buy her some asap and she can't get over how soft they are and how comfy they look.


* I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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