8 September 2017

Slabs Thick & Big Crisps

I'm a huge crisp fiend. I would choose a packet of crisps over chocolate any day. They are my biggest weakness. When I was contacted and asked if I wanted to try a crisp 4 times thicker than the average crisp I couldn't really say no. 

Slabs Crisps
I was kindly sent the whole SLABS Crisps* collection which includes 4 flavours in 2 different sizes (40g and 80g).
The Flavours include

Sprinkled with Sea Salt  - This flavour is both gluten free and vegan and also perfect for those days when I need salt.

Mellow Sweet Chili  - This packet of deliciousness is also vegan and just so happens to be my favourite.

Salt & Malt Vinegar - The first packet my family dived on before I could even get photos and it was definitely a hit. Perfect salt to vinegar ratio

Mature Cheese & Onion - I was not expecting to like these as I'm not normally a fan of cheese & onion but oh my god these are good. Pretty strong flavour but it is delicious and would be soo good with dips.

Slabs Crisps

Now these crisps are definitely chunky. They are made from thick handcut slices of potato. The window in the packet is because they like to show off their crisps as well as prove to you that they don't break so you can see there are no smashed crumbs at the bottom. They were delivered to me in one piece and I've just got a packet that I had squished into my cupboard and they are still whole. Pretty impressive. There is a lot of air in the packet so when you first open them it doesn't seem like there are very many crisps (like the dreaded half empty walkers packets). However, these crisps are so chunky that there is definitely enough in the packet. Plus there's always the "share" bag for your hungrier days.

Slabs Thick & Big Crisps

Now I know I have small hands but that is one giant crisp of deliciousness. As these crisps are so chunky they are perfect for 

Dipping - I am loving the chili ones with salsa or garlic dip

Topping - It is suggested that you make gluten free nachos with the sea salt ones. You can also use them instead of crackers and top them with cheese or pate. 

So if you like your crisps big and chunky I definitely recommend checking out SLABS

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** I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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