13 July 2017

Vegan Tuck Box// July 2017

After seeing the Vegan Tuck Box on The Little Blog of Vegans Instagram last month I was desperate to try it. If you aren't following her on Instagram why not? Her feed is gorgeous. You should also follow her blog for all the delicious recipes. Anyway back to the box, you get so many products for £20 when you factor in postage. I chose the ultimate box which gives you a selection of 10-13 products but you can also get a cheaper variety box of 5-8 products.  

I'm trying to eat more vegan foods because 1) Saving animals and the planet and 2) my body absolutely hates dairy and it makes my skin break out in super painful acne and makes my stomach super angry. For now I'm taking small steps but it's better than no steps so send any vegan recommendations my way. I am obsessed with dairy free milks though which makes it easier as I would not survive without a decent tea (oat milk is bae) & coffee (coconut milk is life). Now onto what I got this month.

July vegan tuck box review

Lisa's Mixed Alpine Herb Crisps - £0.99 - Okay these are delicious. Crisps are my weakness and it took all my will power to save some of these so my mum could try them. They remind me a bit of stuffing. The flavour is pretty strong without being overpowering and they are so crispy. I need more in my life.

Saf Cherry & Apricot Pudding Bites - £1.99 - I wasn't a fan of these mainly because of the weird salt centre. That being said I've had a browse of their site and there's a few things I will definitely be ordering to try.

Naturelly Jelly Juice - £1.20 - I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It tastes a bit like super strong squash but I imagine it would be perfect for kids. Plus it's fun to squidge.

Nairn's Smoked Paprika Snackers - £0.60 - These didn't taste as strongly of paprika as I was hoping but that because I am a huuge paprika fan. They are still good though and perfect to keep on you when you go out if you become a super hangry bitch on the regular like I do.

July vegan tuck box

Mokkapuu Toffee & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar £2.50 - I loove this chocolate and it is no more. The toffee and hazelnut topping is so damn good. It's such a creamy non dairy milk chocolate. Unfortunately I'm not sure you can get it in the UK.

Vantastic Foods Crunchy Choco Bites - £1.80 - I feel an addiction to these growing. I'm surprised that I still have some left to be honest. I tend to grab a few every time I walk past the packet.

Moo Free Chocolate Banana Bar - £2.85 - I'm not a massive fan of banana chips however the chocolate part of this bar is soo good. I will definitely be trying more Moo free bars. My mum however loves banana chips so has claimed this as hers.

Kinky Kookies - £3.00 - These are no added sugar, dairy & gluten free oreo like biscuits and were the first things I cracked open. They taste pretty good. Still don't quite trump oreos but for no added sugar they definitely curb a biscuit craving. The cream in the  middle tastes a bit like marshmallow and is delicious. I'm pretty sure I've eaten them all now so that's truly devastating.

kinky kookies

We Are Tea Soothe Tea Bag - As you all know I am obsessed with tea so I'm excited to give this lil guy a go. I love a good soothing tea as my stomach can be pretty angry. I usually stick to mint so I can't wait to try this mint, ginger and fennel tea.

Clif Builders Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar - £2.60 - I'm looking forward to trying this after training because I am always starving afterwards. I mean when am I not hungry? Plus chocolate and peanut butter are two of my all time fave things.

July vegan tuck box

VG Kebab Mix Gyros & Souvlaki Flavour - £2.50 - I haven't tried this yet but I am soo intrigued. It's a packet of powder mix that you add water and oil to to make kebab "meat". I haven't had a kebab for years because they always left me feeling ill so I'll definitely get back to you on what this is like.

Nairn's Oats & Fruit Biscuit Break - £0.75 - I also haven't eaten these yet as I'm saving these for when I'm on the go. Do love a good breakfast bar though. Especially if I have to get up early as I love sleep a tiny bit more than food.

I am so impressed with this months box and I cannot wait for next months to arrive. Is there anything better than having a box of surprise food delivered to your door?


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