17 July 2017

Chronic Illness Beauty Essentials

The other day when I was feeling extra crappy I was thinking about how much I loved certain products and how much easier they make my life. I thought I'd share my fave beauty products that are essential for me. There's hair products, the best moisturiser for crappy hands, miracle grow for nails and the only thing that has ever stopped me sweating like a pig. Quite a collection. 

Chronic Illness Beauty Essentials

Dry Shampoo

I mean who doesn't love dry shampoo. I honestly don't know what I would do without this can of magic. It saves me so much time and energy. My hair is so thick I just can't wash it as often as I should. It also means my hair colour lasts a lot longer so win win really. Me and my brother have our own signature scents haha. His is cherry and mine is either the blush or sweetie scent.

Detangling Brush

I got this on offer in Superdrug for like £2 just to see if the hype was real and I love it. It's super comfortable to hold and easy to grip. It doesn't rip my hair and it makes detangling after a shower so much easier.

Chronic Illness hair Essentials

Detangling Spray

This one pairs with my tangle teezer. Yes I am a child. Yes I still use L'oreal Kids. Anyone else need a whole bottle of this stuff when your mum was brushing/ripping out your hair as a kid? Anyway this just makes brushing the whole after shower detangle experience much more pleasant. When you have as much as hair as me and fibro it is definitely needed otherwise your scalp hurts for a week. 


Okay I'm torn about these. They're made out of plastic so are terrible for the environment but they are the only things I can use to tie up my hair all day without causing a headache. They are honestly the most comfortable hair bobbles I have ever tried and are perfect for headache days or for days when my scalp/hair hurts (yes that is a thing when you have a chronic illness/chronic pain). I don't know why they're called invisibobble though because they aren't invisible, and yes I know I have bright pink ones but my hair is often bright pink.

Blow Dry Spray

I mentioned this in my Frizz free hair care faves. It is an absolute must for drying long/thick hair. It cuts down the drying time so much which is always a win. Definitely recommend you get something like this asap. Such an arm saver and perfect if you can't stand the heat of a hairdryer for too long. 

Chronic Illness Beauty Essentials

Spray moisturiser

If you don't have a spray moisturiser in your life that needs to change. Discovering these was honsetly a game changer. It makes moisturising with crappy arms/hands so much easier. I also loove the fact that it sinks in super fast so you aren't left feeling all slimy. At the moment I love the Vaseline one but I have noticed that there is a Superdrug Vitamin E one which is half the price and cruelty free which I will be picking up next.

Driclor Deodorant

I suffer really badly with excess sweating. It's nowhere near as bad now as it was when I was a teenager (that was fun at school) but I do still struggle with it. This deodorant is literally the only thing that has been able to control it. Now as a teen it used to sting/itch when I first applied it. I probably should've stopped using it but it was the only thing that stopped sweat patches the size of Australia and as a teenager who was already different that was all I cared about. However, it doesn't affect me like that now. I apply it at night and then just use my usual deodorant in the morning and no more sweat patches.

Chronic Illness Beauty Essentials

Lip Balm

My skin is forever dry especially my lips. I am a huge fan of thick lip balms. My favourites are Nuxe reve de miel which I have sadly almost run out of and the #LipGlam. I religiously apply mine at night and in the morning so that my lips don't get too painful and crack. I never go anywhere without one of them. Lip balms are life.

Hydrating Face Mist/Cooling Spray

I am in love with my Pixi Hydrating Milky face mist. This stuff feels like heaven on a warm day and adds some much needed moisture to my face. I spray this whenever my face needs a pick me up (all the time). Another one I love is the Boots Hot Weather Cooling Spray which is perfect for when I'm overheating. It instantly cools and hydrates.


I did a full review on this a while ago but it has changed my life (tad dramatic). My nails have always been super weak, flaky and just sad looking. Since using this they actually grow and are so much stronger. I also haven't had a single flake. If you struggle with weak nails then I definitely recommend this. I honestly can't get over the difference it has made to my crappy nails.

What are your must haves?


* I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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