5 December 2016

Dose Of Colors Nudes

I am a huuuge fan of matte liquid lipsticks. It's safe to say that's pretty much all I wear. I am also a massive fan of Dose of Colors. My twin Sarah was the one to get me hooked on these by encouraging me to make my first order. She's such an enabler. I recently made another order and I think I've fallen even more in love

Dose Of Colors

I've been lusting after stone forever but it was never in stock. As soon as I got the restock notification I headed straight to the site. Seriously I have never made an order so quickly. I actually made it stood in the queue in McDonald's whilst waiting for my chicken nuggets (I could really do with some nuggets and a vanilla milkshake right now). I ordered the two matte lipsticks from the DOC website. Shipping isn't too bad but I did get hit with a £13 customs charge and my postman thought I was ridiculous for spending that on lipstick. The gloss I got from beautybay and they actually have quite a few of the liquid lipsticks in stock at the mo so go go go. I have my eye on brick.

Dose Of Colors
Dose Of Colors  swatches
 Top - Rose Lip Gloss
Middle - Stone Liquid Lipstick
Bottom - Desert Suede Liquid Lipstick

I never wear lip gloss because I hate the stickiness but I saw Rose on the DOC instagram and I could not stop thinking about it. When I saw it in stock of Beautybay it was clearly fate so it had to be mine. This is honestly the comfiest thing I have ever worn on my lips. It isn't remotely sticky and just sits so nicely on the lips. It's super pigmented and can be worn on its own giving a lovely colour in one swipe. I also love to wear it over the top of Stone if my lips are feeling particularly dry (Both were in my November Favourites). 
Dose of Colors swatches
(L-R Desert Suede, Stone, Rose)

Stone is hands down my favourite. I wear it all the time. I cannot get enough of it. I am so glad I bought it and it is definitely worth the price even with the customs charges. It's a pinky nude and just so perfect. It lasts for hours and my mum who never wears lipstick keeps trying to steal it. It wears evenly and you can reapply easily. If you were to buy one DOC lipstick I would say get this one.

Desert suede is a grey/brown shade and I'm really not sure about it. I'm loving lipsticks with grey tones but this one is a tad too brown/dark for me. I think it washes me out too much (you can't tell from the picture). However, the formula is great as usual. It applies nicely I'm just not sure the colour is for me. 


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