16 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Films

Everyone and their Grandma is uploading their fave christmassy films. You can never have enough film recommendations and I love seeing which ones are the most popular so I thought I'd add my choices. Watching films is one of my favourite things to do and it's something I can actually do when my body is being super crappy. I own so many DVDs I have to keep getting my Dad to build me more shelves. So here are my fave christmas choices

Favourite Christmas Films
The Grinch - I think this may be my favourite Christmas film ever. I love Christmas (most of the time) but I can definitely be compared to the Grinch. Me and my brother quite often play out the scene when he's trying to find something to wear because I can never find an outfit that looks good.

Bad Santa - I haven't seen this for years but it always reminds me of when me, my dad and my two brothers stayed up late on Christmas eve to wrap my mums stocking. My dad cringed throughout all the rude scenes because he was watching with his kids (one of whom was definitely not old enough haha). It's one of those that is so bad that it's funny.

The Holiday - What is Christmas without a chick flick. I absolutely adore this film and watch it all year round. Two women needing a break from their lives house swap for Christmas. Sunny L.A and snowy Surrey could not be more different. It's so cute and heart warming and is a must watch at Christmas. Plus Jack Black is just so funny.
Favourite Christmas Films
Arthur Christmas - I only watched this for the first time last year but instantly fell in love. Santa is a bit of a dick at the start but Arthur is just so adorable and just wants everyone to have the perfect Christmas. Especially the girl whose present got missed. I love the high tech sleigh and Steves Christmas tree facial hair should definitely catch on as a trend.

Home Alone - You know it's Christmas time when Home Alone is played on TV pretty much every weekend. It's not Christmas without Kevin trying to murder some thieves. Watching this as an adult just consists of me being like he would definitely be dead right now or at least seriously injured. That man needs a hospital. Also how do you forget your child not once but twice. I would be so pissed if I was Kevin.

Fred Clause - I'm not a massive Vince Vaughn fan but I love this film. Fred is always in trouble and has to be bailed out by his brother (Santa). As payment he has to go help Santa in the build up to Christmas but he just makes everything worse. The ending is pretty cute though.

The Santa Clause Movies - If you haven't seen these what the hell are you doing with your life. It's not Christmas without Tim Allen killing Santa and getting fat over night. I think these were the first Christmas films I ever watched and they are still a firm favourite.

Die Hard - (Not pictured because my mum wouldn't let me take the DVDs to my house) The Christmas film that causes the most arguments. It's set at Christmas therefore it is a Christmas film okay. I mean what isn't Chrsitmassy about gun fights, explosions and Hans Gruber?


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