20 December 2016

Cold Shoulder Jumper

So these photos have been sat in a file waiting to be edited for agess. I kinda lost my confidence with outfit photos after enjoying my first one so much. I've been having a massive wobble with my body confidence recently and I just don't feel good in anything so I just stick to my trusty hoodie and leggings because I might as well be comfy right? I want to lose a bit more weight but I also want to love my body because weight does not define beauty. Therefore after hating the majority of the photos my dad took for me I decided to pick some and get this post up anyway. My dad is such a weirdo that I always end up laughing all the way through the photos so there is no serious fashion blogger poses here. Just me laughing my head off and rocking that double chin.

Matalan cold shoulder ribbed top
I'm not a massive fan of this whole cold shoulder trend for the main reason that you get cold shoulders. Why would I want cold shoulders? I want my shoulders to be nice and toasty thank you. Anyway that being said I clearly gave in and bought this Cold Shoulder Ribbed Top from matalan. Actually I bought 2 because I have it in navy and black. Apart from the cold shoulders I love this top. It is so comfy and looks like I made a bit of an effort when in reality I just chucked it on over a pair of leggings or shorts & tights. It does have two slits up the side which means I need my high waisted leggings or tights to prevent skin showing but it makes it super comfortable to sit down in which is essential when you are sat down pretty much all the time. 

Cold Shoulder Jumper
Top - Matalan
Tights - Matalan
Socks - Primark
Boots - Matalan

These photos were taken when we went to visit my Grandparents in France and we managed to get into town on such a pretty day. Unfortunately it was freezing, a tad blowy and so damn bright my eyes were streaming. I've decided to love these photos because I'm having fun, I had such a good time  messing around with my parents and I am wearing something other than my comfy hoodie. 


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