4 November 2016

Loose Tea From Whittards

I may love coffee but my first love was always tea. You cannot beat a good cup of tea. I have so many types that my tea cupboard is nearly overflowing. I have various flavoured green teas (caramelised green tea is soo good), loose teas, tea bags and ALL the peppermint tea for the damn nausea. I am obsessed with loose tea at the moment. You just cannot beat the flavour you get from a loose tea.

Whittards Loose Tea

I went to Whittards of Chelsea in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago to browse and get some Christmas gift inspiration. The staff in there are incredible and so accommodating to my wheelchair in the cosy shop. We tasted some samples and then rushed off to pick up my dads car from the garage, so I didn't end up buying anything for myself. Luckily for me (not so much for my dad) the car had to go back to the garage (seriously never ever do business with Evans Halshaw). However, this meant that we got to go visit the lovely staff in Whittards again. Seriously I love that shop. Anyway I decided I definitely was not leaving without the tea that I could not stop thinking about after trying it the week before.

I treated myself to two teas and I will most definitely be getting more ASAP. There is so much choice and they all sound delicious. It was so hard to pick.

Whittards raspberry blaster tea
(Mug from Ikea & Tea Strainer from Tiger)

I went for the Coconut Truffle and Raspberry Blaster. The coconut truffle tea is the one I could not stop thinking about. It is beyond delicious and is a huge part of my November favourites. It's sweet and creamy and tastes like a dessert with none of the sugary goodness. It seriously tastes like white chocolate with coconut. Two of my favourite things. It also smells heavenly. If you love sweetness you need this tea in your life. It is perfect for easing those chocolate cravings.

I also tried the raspberry blaster tea in the shop and knew I had to have it. It is soo fruity. You know how a lot of fruit teas smell ammazzing but taste like absolutely nothing? Yeah this is not one of those. As it's a loose tea you get so much flavour. It's full of fruity flavour with a tang and I am beyond obsessed. I am currently enjoying a cup and I cannot tell you how much I love it.

Let me know if you have any tea recommendations


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