2 November 2016

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good hot drink. My day is not complete without several cups of tea or coffee and I definitely cannot start my day without a coffee. I need the warm hug in a mug to not be a complete bitch to anyone that crosses my path. I was chatting to Beanies on Twitter the other day and mentioned I wanted to try the gingerbread one and they sent me a few sachets of various flavours to try. Seriously how sweet?

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee Review

I've written about a few of Beanies flavours before and I am a huge fan. I adore the Nutty Hazelnut one. Definitely a favourite of mine. I've slowly been working my way through these flavours (haven't tried Irish Cream yet) and they are all pretty damn good. The gingerbread is more subtle than a costa/starbucks one but still delicious. I actually prefer it because it's not as sickly sweet and the spice of ginger is perfect for this time of year. The caramel and vanilla are a tad on the sweeter side but not over poweing and so good in the evenings.

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee

If you love coffee then I definitely recommend checking beanies out. Their customer service is amazing. Postage is super fast and the coffee is delicious. Also they make perfect gifts. I'm thinking of picking up some ground coffee for my dad.


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