23 November 2016

Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo

I'm a huge dry shampoo fan. Showering is beyond exhausting and I could do without all that pain and fatigue. This means dry shampoo is the best invention in the whole world next to hats. I managed to train my hair to last for about 5 days before it needs washing but dry shampoo is still a must to keep it looking like I actually do something with it.

Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo
At the moment Batiste is my go to and I swear the cherry one is my signature scent. Smells so damn good though. I thought I'd venture out and try some new ones to see if there was anything magical that I've been missing.

As I loved the Fudge Urban hair care I was kindly sent I decided to pick up the Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo and give it a whirl. Unfortunately it's a bit of a disappointment. I think the only good thing about it is it smells delicious and the packaging is gorgeous.

It didn't really make my hair look fresh and for over a fiver I expected much better. It didn't even add the texture and volume that you normally get from dry shampoo. It did make my hair feel incredibly soft but it still looked greasy. Just beautifully soft and in need of a wash. I actually checked the bottle to make sure I had picked up the right one. A tad gutted that it wasn't the magic in a tin I was hoping for.

So I'm still on the hunt for a dry shampoo. However, I do recommend the Fudge Urban hair spray and texture spray.

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