15 June 2016

Zuko's in Aberaeron

Last Sunday we were supposed to be going to the zoo but we are all lazy shits and refused to get out of bed. Plus it was raining. We decided to go to Aberaeron instead for chips and cake. Everyone raves about Zuko's so obviously we had to check it out

I was going to try and get pictures of everybody's choices but they all attacked them too quickly. Rude.

This is seriously the best waffle I have ever had. Fresh warm waffle, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, raspberries and cream. I just want to eat this all over again. I am pleased to say that I demolished this like a boss. Everyone that walked past just stared and mentioned how good they looked.

My dad went for the tutti frutti which he failed to finish. Poor effort David. As my brother is super fussy they made him his own waffle with nutella, strawberries, cream and strawberry sauce. Looked pretty epic.

Accessibility wise there is a step to get in but they have seats outside. They also have another shop up on the sea front which looks more accessible from what I remember. The staff are also super lovely and very accommodating.

I will be going back to try more of the menu. They have a selection of sundaes, cookies, and pancakes. It was so hard to choose. They had also just taken the most delicious looking batch of scones out of the oven when we were there. I was soo tempted to get one to take home but I was too full to move. Seriously pushing back to the car involved a lot of groaning and rest breaks.

If you are ever in Aberaeron you need to go to Zuko's and have a waffle. Seriously do it.


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