17 June 2016

My Daith Piercing

I have a few piercings and I love them. My nose is hands down my favourite piercing but I also have my helix, tragus, and 3 in each lobe. I'd wanted a new one for ages and was thinking about getting my daith done when everyone and their grandmas suddenly started raving about them for migraines. I was already planning on going to get my third lot of holes in my lobes when I had a week long migraine. I decided to take the plunge and get it done anyway. I mean even if it didn't work it would still look awesome.

daith piercing for migraines

Sorry about the poor quality picture. This is the only pic I have of my daith piercing and it was just after I got it done hence the scab.

It was one of the most awkward piercings I've had. I wouldn't say it was particularly painful. Just awkward. It felt like he was trying to fit both his hands in my ear and your ear gets pulled into weird positions to get the ball on the bar.

Does it work? It didn't for me. I didn't really notice any difference to my migraines and my ear hurt as well. My friend who got hers done at the same time swears by hers though.

This piercing was the most problematic out of all mine. My skin is really slow at healing (Thanks EDS) but this one just took the piss. It never seemed to heal. It was always red and felt bruised. Then it got badly infected about 2 months in. Shout out to my dad for cleaning out the gunk for me every night because my mum was too squeamish. It was pretty gross

Then one day I was scratching my ear as you do when the ball fell off the bottom of the bar (and nearly went down my damn ear canal, yes I freaked out). My dad tried for about 30 mins to get it back in and get the ball back on, impossible. I tried to put a small nose ring in it until I could get a proper ring in it but it was just so damn sore and fiddly. I decided then that it was just not worth it. It gave me nothing but trouble and my ear has felt so much better since taking it out.

I mainly got it for looks so wasn't too bothered that it didn't work for migraines as I wasn't expecting it to anyway. So gutted that I had to take it out though because I loved the way it looked. I just couldn't be dealing with all the issues.

What piercing should I get next or should I just get a tattoo instead? 
I want a tattoo so bad

What are your daith piercing experiences?
Did it work for you?


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