11 June 2016

Lush Skincare

Once upon a time my skin decided to be weird af and look scaly and gross every time I put on foundation. It was driving me crazy and getting me down. I tried so many cleansers and moisturisers and nothing seemed to be sorting it out. When I asked twitter soo many people recommended Ultrabland. I never really go in lush as I can't have baths and I forget that they do stuff other than bath bombs. Soo I took the plunge and popped into the Carmarthen store and the staff were beyond lovely and went through so many products that I could use to help my weird skin

To start with I chose Ultrabland and Angels on Bare Skin but I will definitely be going back for more. 

Lush skincare review

Lush skincare review

I cannot stress how much these products have helped my face. I noticed a difference after just a few days of use. After continuous use for over a month now my skin finally looks like my skin again. My foundation has stopped cracking and looking gross. I am so happy with the results and am now obsessed with Lush skincare.

Ultrabland is definitely my favourite and it goes everywhere with me. I made sure I packed it when we went away to cornwall in the caravan. It takes my makeup off with ease and means I no longer wake up with panda eyes. I was always super lazy and only ever used Micellar water but I am now a massive cleanser convert. My skin has never felt so clean and soft after a day of wearing makeup. It even gets my masses of eyeliner and mascara off with no issues. I just look like a raccoon temporarily. I've also used this everyday for over a month now and I've barely made a dent in it.

I was a little bit nervous when the lady suggested Angels on Bare Skin because I'm really not a fan of lavender and the smell usually gives me a headache. Buuut after feeling how soft it left my hand I decided to take the plunge and give it a whirl. You can definitely smell the lavender but it's not overpowering and doesn't give me a headache. It leaves my face feeling so soft, smooth and beautifully smelling. I love it. Only downside is I always get this stuff in my hair. Every time without fail. I don't understand how I make such a mess. I also keep finding random bits of lavender in my bathroom.

My skin now looks so good that my mum who has never used skincare in her life is thinking of picking some up.

What is your favourite Lush skincare product?
I think I need to pick up a moisturiser next


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