6 June 2016

Batiste Heat & Shine Spray

There is nothing better in life than having super soft and silky hair that you can swish around and run your fingers through. Soft & swishy hair makes you feel like a supermodel and everyone deserves to feel like that.

I was lucky enough to win a box of Batiste goodies in a twitter competition ages ago (I'm a terrible blogger). I'm a massive lover of their dry shampoo so was excited to try them out. This Shield my locks Heat & Shine Spray has definitely worked its way up to my favourite though.

Batiste Heat & Shine Spray review

It's a heat defence spray that protects hair up to 230°C and is specially designed to be used on dry hair so it's an aerosol instead of the wet sprays you normally get.  It is also infused with Keratin and Inca Inchi oil which helps to strengthen and care for your hair.

My favourite part of this heat protection spray though is the shine element. It claims to leave your hair with a mirror shine finish and I have to agree. My hair has never been as soft and shiny as it is when I started using this spray. It leaves my hair feeling in peak condition, moisturised and conditioned even though I have just attacked it with my straighteners. I seriously cannot stop running my hands through it once I've finished straightening it. It is soooo soft. I actually made my family feel how soft it was the first time I used it.

I also use this if my hair is looking a bit dull and I just want to add some shine and life to it. Also it smells pretty good. Very important

What is your fave batiste product?


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