24 March 2017

Teapot Warmer

As an avid tea drinker this may the best invention I have ever come across. I drink a lot of tea. Probably more than I should and definitely more now that I seem to have gone off coffee. However, getting up all the time to go to the kitchen to boil the kettle is just too much for my poor broken body sometimes.

glass teapot warmer
This simple but effective tea pot warmer means that I can make a full tea pot (mine holds 3-4 cups) and take it to whatever room I'm working in. Then I just light the lil tea light and it keeps my tea at a perfect temperature so I can drink it throughout the day. That's 3-4 cups I get out of only one trip to the kettle. Genius.

glass teapot warmer

This beauty has made chain drinking tea so much easier for my crappy, exhausted body and I think I might be in love with it. If you drink a lot of tea then you should definitely treat yourself to one. I mean they're probably good for socialising too but I just like to drink all the tea myself haha.

I am obsessed with loose tea at the moment and I want to try all the flavours so let me know your faves and your favourite places to get them so I can feed my addiction


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