7 March 2017

Drinkware from Typo

Life has been so busy recently that I've been massively slacking on the blog posts. It feels like I've covered the whole of England & Wales recently. Wheelchair basketball really does make you travel. 2 weeks ago I did 2 days of work so Monday I was in Aberaeron and Tuesday in Llanelli. Wednesday we went to Cardiff shopping, Thursday we had to take the car to Bristol to the garage, then Friday-Sunday we were in Nottingham. I got 3 days rest last week then Thursday we were in Coventry, Friday & Saturday in Nottingham again and then Sunday we were in Warwick. I feel like I've spent the last 2 weeks in a car. I crashed hard Monday and I'm trying to take it easy this week.

I thought I'd do a quick post today about the super handy and oh so pretty drinkware collection I seem to have gathered from one of my fave shops, Typo. I'm trying to drink more water and they've definitely come in handy over the past two weeks.

typo drinkware
Ombre Metal Drinks Bottle - 500ml - £20

How beautiful is this bottle? It's like it was made for me. They also have a marble one too for anyone that loves a good blogger cliche. I'm tempted. This beauty keeps your drink hot/cold for hours. I haven't tested it with hot but it keeps my water cold for at least 12 hours. I've fallen asleep with the bottle next to my bed and woken up in the morning to an ice cold drink. I am so in love with it. I hate drinking water that's gone a bit warm so this is helping me drink more.

Need Coffee Travel Mug - £10

As soon as I saw this travel mug I knew I needed it. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for Instagram and I literally always need coffee. As I always seem to be in a car a travel mug is an essential. I use this mug all the time. There are so many other gorgeous designs that I may be adding more to my collection soon.

Babe With The Power Travel Mug - £8

Unfortunately this isn't available anymore. I had to get this because 1) it's a travel mug and you can never have too many and 2) I love labyrinth.

Dunk em Tea Infuser - £8

I drink so much loose tea it's ridiculous. I am obsessed. I have so many different flavours that my tea cupboard is nearly overflowing. I am currently loving Coconut truffle white tea from Whittards but please do let me know your faves that I should try. This infuser is a bit fiddly and sometimes I don't have the strength in my hands to push the bottom down but it's so cool. I'm not sure I would pay £8 for it though. I used a 40% off code so got it for £4.80

Typo water bottles

Get em Girl Gulp Drink Bottle 1L - £7

I loove this bottle but hate these photos however I have currently misplaced it so I can't retake them. I think it's rolling around my mums car. Anyway back to the bottle. The colour is my favourite, the quote is perfect and the size makes it the ideal bottle for basketball training. I use this all the time for exercise. It also doesn't leak so I can just chuck it in my kit bag and not have to worry.

Suck it Up Drink Bottle 1L - £7

I originally bought this for training but because of the straw it makes it difficult to drink from it quickly in breaks. You also get a lot of air with your water. It hasn't gone to waste though. Because of the straw it is perfect for chucking some lemon/lime in. I use it for fruit infused water and just sip on it whilst I'm blogging away. I also had to have it because of the writing on the front. My dad always laughs at me because I always panic and can never remember my phonetic alphabet and make up my own. At least now I'll be able to swear correctly with my phonetic alphabet.

Also how amazing is the tea cup I got? I couldn't resist it.

typo bitch tea cup

If you are looking for cute drinks bottles or travel mugs I definitely recommend Typo. They're shipping is incredibly fast (next day at no extra cost). Plus they have 20% off for new shoppers and they have amazing deals quite often, like the 40% off I purchased most of these with.


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