29 June 2015

My Favourite Liquid Eyeliners

If you follow me on instagram you will know I am a huge fan of winged liner (and selfies). It took me forever to master the wing and I still have days where it takes a billion attempts to get them right. I'm usually rocking mismatched wings as well because I mean seriously who looks that closely at my eyes.

I thought I'd let you know my 2 favourite eyeliners that I use every time I wear makeup. Seriously, I cannot do makeup without winged liner these days. I try and then my hands just automatically wing it out. Its a curse. A fabulous curse

Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner 100% black 


This is my go to eyeliner and I cannot rave about it enough. I mean it survives naps. What more could you ask for from an eyeliner? The nib is sturdy enough & has a slight point to get a sharp line. It applies smoothly and lasts all day including, as mentioned naps. I like to nap test most of my makeup as they are essential to my happiness.

Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner 


I tend to use this eyeliner to make my wings sharp enough to kill someone. I find that the nib of this liner gives me a line that is just that little bit sharper than the rimmel one. This is my go to for finishing touches and making my wings more even. This is great if you are in a rush or a beginner as it is quick & easy to use, has great control for a nice line and its cheap at less than £3. Bargain. It also doesnt dry out like the eyeko one I tried. The only downside I have found with this liner is that it does transfer to the upper lid a tad during the day.

Now some swatches


What's your favourite eyeliner?


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