3 June 2015

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover

This is now the only nail polish remover I use. Is nail polish remover love. I used to buy whatever was cheap and I went through tons of it because it was crap and it didn't really do my nails any good. My nails are pretty weak anyway and that definitely didn't help.

Cutex nail polish remover

My mum got me the Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover for weak nails to put in my stocking a couple of Christmases ago. She chose it because she knows my nails are a state. They flake all the time and they are stained from painting without a base coat (I know terrible, don't worry I have learned from my mistake). Its specially for weak nails and has vitamins & moisturisers in it and a Nail whitening formula which I desperately needed.

My nails are definitely in better condition since using this instead of the 99p crap. It's still only £2.17 so won't break the bank and it lasts so much longer. I can use one cotton pad for all 10 fingers a lot of the time, unless it is a particularly stubborn polish or the dreaded glitter. Glitter uses about a billion cotton pads.

My nails feel stronger and it is definitely moisturising. I've also noticed that this paired with actually using a basecoat my nails are actually nail colour again. Well from what I've seen in between taking off nail polish and reapplying. I really hate my naked nails. Its also great for cleaning up edges with a cotton bud as it wipes away excess effortlessly.

What's your go to nail polish remover?


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