9 June 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish

I am terrible for painting my nails at stupid o'clock, usually when I can't sleep. This means I always get the dreaded duvet print from lack of drying time. That was until the magic that is Barry M Quick dry polish. I painted my nails about and hour before going to bed because I was in a rush and resigned myself to duvet print and woke up to beautifully smooth nails. Magic.

I first picked up the pastel shades but they never seem to look as good as I want them to. They just don't seem to suit me. Plus my mum hates them and always goes on about it. She just doesn't understand fashion clearly.

Barry m quick dry polishes

 The pastel shades I chose were Eat My Dust a pale blue/grey and Kiss Me Quick a pastel pink. I love eat my dust (and the name) and can see me getting a lot of use out of it once I have a tan. I haven't actually tried Kiss me quick yet because I feel like it will look better in the summer.

I was overjoyed, like beyond acceptable levels of excited, when I saw they were extending the range to include some brighter colours. I'm a bright nail girl all the way, well that and dark nails. I skipped (rolled in my chair) to superdrug and purchased Get Set Go and practised some restraint which was very difficult. I am in love with this colour. It's a bright in your face pink and looks amazing on.

The polishes live up to their speedy quick dry name and are touch dry pretty much as soon as you finish. The only issue I found was because they dry so fast you had to work fast to get a smooth coat as they could go a bit tacky. However, I did manage to get a smooth finish and any imperfections were sorted out when I applied my top coat (habit) which didn't seem to affect the drying time. They also have a new wider, flat brush which makes application a lot easier and smoother.

Barry m quick dry brush

I would definitely recommend these polishes. I will probably end up picking up some more to add to my ever growing collection much to my dads horror (I asked him to build me some nail polish shelves and when he saw how many I had I thought his eyes were gonna pop out).

Have you tried them?
What did you think?


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