19 June 2015

Lifestyle// Things I Learnt At Uni

After getting my degree results this week and finding out I got an A in my dissertation & I will be graduating with a 2:1 in Biomedical science in July I thought I'd do a fun post on all the things I learnt at uni. This is meant to be a laugh and I definitely did not drink as much as this post makes it seem, well not in the last year anyway.

- Never ever mix vodka and wine in the same glass. EVER. Even if first years are calling you old and saying you cant drink. It will not end well. You do not have to prove anything.

- Dancing on the table seems like a good idea until you have to live 2 years with a bent table

- Flat parties are the best because you can party in your slippers and all the essentials such as toilet, fridge and bed are close by.

- You will never have enough glasses for pre drinks, mugs, jugs, jam jars and even just a straw in the sourz bottle will be used.

- Always sleep in the day after drinking long enough that someone else cleans up the sticky mess in the kitchen.

- Never leave cake or biscuits out in the open because they will be stolen and you will never find the culprit. Even your boring rich teas will be stolen. Nothing is safe

- Tea & toast before bed is the best hangover preventative and is essential

- There is always going to be one flatmate that is an asshole

- There is also the one that doesn't really talk

- Drunk selfies are the best selfies. Take all the selfies

- Hash brown sandwiches at 2am are the best food in the world

- Drunkenly attempting yoga in the kitchen is probably not the best idea.

- Spontaneous days out to no where in particular are the best especially if you are supposed to be revising at the time. I saw more of Anglesey when I was supposed to be revising than any other time

- It's really difficult to say no to McDonalds chicken nuggets. Someone will come up with a reason why your excuse is not valid.

- Making tea is the best way to procrastinate work, I mean you get a cuppa out of it. The amount of tea I drank during dissertation writing is unreal.

- Trying to put together a fancy dress outfit is more stressful than it sounds

- Nothing really beats belting out old songs with your friends, no matter how awful your singing is.

- Yoga balls are not toys and may result in injuries but they do make good foot stools

- There is no point sacrificing a few minutes of sleep to wash/brush your hair when hats were invented

- Invest in a travel mug. Coffee in lectures is more important than a pen some days. Well probably not but it feels like it

- Buy a cape. It is a wearable blanket perfect for lectures in winter when the heating does not seem to heat. However you may fall asleep

Oh and I obviously learnt some stuff about science and things

What did you learn at uni?


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