4 April 2019

March 2019 Favourites

I don't mean to brag but this is my 4th post recently. Not only have I actually posted but my favourites post is even on time. I don't know what has happened to me. The name change and new blog design really have helped motivate me. Now, onto my favourites apart from my new design. There's no makeup in this month's favourites. I haven't really been wearing any and if I do it's pretty much all stuff that was in my 2018 favourites.

A flat lay with a bottle of body mist, a pink jar of lip a green tub of hand cream, blue wax melts, and 3 photos down the far side

On the left is a bottle of body mist, in the middle is a green tub of hand cream, top right is a pink jar of lip balm and there are some wax melts at the bottom of the picture

So...? Miami Vibes Body Mist - I love a good body mist. I always carry one in the back of my wheelchair and they are a must for my kit bag. They are perfect when you wanna smell good but don't want to waste expensive perfume for the gym etc. So...? fragrances are some of my absolute faves and when I saw these on offer for cheaper than the small bottles I had to smell them all. I settled for Miami Vibes and I cannot get enough of it. It smells so good.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (I got mine from Amazon) - My lips are forever dry along with the rest of my face. So when Stephanie from Nerd About Time recommended this lip mask I knew I had to get it. Oh my god this has changed my life. I put it on at night and wake up with deliciously smooth and hydrated lips. It's actual magic and it smells delicious.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream - If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me moaning about my booboo the other day. Playing wheelchair basketball means my hands are forever a mess. I'm forever covered in blisters and cracked skin. This pot of magic is such a life saver. I put this on that huge crack I had and it cleared it up in two days. I also get really dry skin (can you see a theme here) between my knuckles and fingers and this stuff really helps. If you struggle with extremely dry and cracked hands I highly recommend this. It is pricey but when it says a little bit goes a long way it really does mean it.

there are 4 wax melts, 2 round light blue ones on the right and 2 star shaped darker blue on the left

Moonlight Melts

If you read my small businesses post then you will know how much I love moonlight melts. I love supporting small businesses and Jo is just so lovely. I was kindly sent her Autumn range which I did a full post on and then I treated myself to about 8 new scents because I can't get enough. Every time I light a new one I think it's my favourite. I just love them all. At the moment my two absolute favourites are:
Clean Laundry - Fresh, clean fragrance of clean washing and soap powder -  I am currently burning this every day and my house smells so damn fresh and delicious.
Twilight Moon - Beautiful, soft powdery floral with hints of fruits, set on a musky base - This one is similar to Lush Twilight so I burn it whilst I'm reading in bed to give off all the relaxing cosy vibes.

3 photos are laid out with a green free prints envelope. L-R the first photo is me in my basketball chair holding a ball. The middle is a selfie of Sarah and I, The last photo is a selfie of me and Charley

Free Prints

Okay, so I am extremely late to this party. I have previously used Cheerz to print out my photos but that can be kind of expensive. I did a test run with Free Prints last year and only ordered about 12 prints so I only paid 50p postage so that I could see what the quality was like without losing money and I'm a fan. Postage will never cost more than £3.99 so you get 45 6x4 photos for under £4. I love having physical copies of my photos and this is such a cost-effective way of doing it. It's so easy as well. Just download the free prints app and you can pick photos from your gallery, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

If you want to sign up you can use the code fbfp467679 to get 5 extra prints.

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