23 April 2019

Honour Your Flow Reusable Sanitary Towels

In this day and age of trying to reduce our plastic usage, reusable sanitary products have been talked about a lot. As I have a wonky cervix I don't get on well with tampons so the cups didn't appeal to me at all. I've always used pads but as most of us know they are not the comfiest things to wear. My mum then treated me to a starter pack from Honour Your Flow and I haven't looked back since.

3 reusable sanitary towels, the left one is green/blue, middle is light/dark blue with light blue wings, the right one shows the poppers done up on the back
I'm going to be honest when I was first given them I wasn't convinced. I assumed I would hate them and that they would be gross. Oh, how wrong was I. I honestly couldn't go back to disposables now. In fact, I had to use one the other day as an emergency and let me tell you I was not a fan. They are just so damn uncomfortable and it was all I could think about.

Honour Your Flow is a small business with amazing customer service and a small team of sewing ladies working from home. They are all mothers, working flexi-time around the needs of their families which is so great.

The pads sizes are done on clothing sizes as well as flow and there are a variety of colours and a couple of material options. There is so much advice on picking the right pad for your needs though so it's not overwhelming. My mum also rang the owner and had a chat about which pads would be best suited for her. The support is just incredible.

3 pads, left is green/blue, the middle one shows pink poppers done up on a light blue pad and the left is a light/dark blue pad
The prices range between £7.90-£9.55 for different sizes, material etc which may be more expensive than a packet of disposables but in the long run, you are definitely saving. I have 8 pads now and I've been using them for well over a year and they are still perfect. I had 2 that lost poppers from the wings but the owner is so lovely that she replaced the pads for free. I also love that they take on board what the customers say. The new pads are now thinner in the middle making them feel less bulky and they've changed the material of the wings to prevent the lost popper problem.

My main concern with reusable pads was washing them but they're honestly so easy to clean. The starter pack comes with a wash bag but tbh I just chuck them straight in the washing machine ready for the next wash. I do have a stain remover that I chuck in with my washing anyway purely because I'm a messy person who is forever spillings stuff down herself. After washing they can then be tumble dried and are ready for their next use.

3 pads, left is green/blue, the middle one shows pink poppers done up on a light blue pad and the left is a light/dark blue pad
The starter packs are a great place to start if you aren't sure what you need. They range from £46 - £59 depending on size etc.
They come with
- 2 Panty Liners
- 2 Regular Pads
- 1 Maxi Pad
- Carry Pouch
- Wash Bag

Not only are the pads great for periods but they can also be used for incontinence issues. I have an overactive bladder and these are so handy but aren't overly bulky and definitely not irritating. They're so soft that it doesn't matter if you need to wear one every day. It also means you don't have to feel like you are wearing a nappy.

Have you tried reusable period products? If not I highly recommend


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