17 May 2019

Plans for Curve Fashion Fest 2019

If you saw my post back in November or happened to be on Twitter then you will have seen that Curve Fashion Fest 2018 didn't quite go to plan. It mainly came down to a huge increase in attendance. An extra 1000+ tickets were bought compared to previous years. The venue had promised that it could cater to those numbers but in reality, it couldn't do it comfortably.

The lovely people behind Curve Fashion Festival realised they needed to make a change for it to be enjoyable and more importantly accessible this year. Zoe and Hollie invited a few of us to see the new (actually old as this is where it used to be) venue and get our feedback. You can check out Nici's post as well.

Curve Fashion fest 2019 is written in black over a pink and watercolour background. The text at the bottom reads their plans for a more accessible event

I don’t want to rehash my issues with last year so you can read my post on what I struggled with here. Basically, there was just too many people and not enough room. Luckily Curve is run by some amazing people who are happy to listen and fix things. I'm not sure people realise how rarely this actually happens.

This year curve is going to be in The ACC in Liverpool. There is level access with automatic doors into the building and the surface is smooth and easy to push on. The Taxi drop off is right outside and there's a bus stop nearby. There are also a few carparks to choose from.

The reception desk located near the door has extremely friendly/helpful staff and there is a fixed loop hearing system. They also provide a cloakroom so that you don’t have to lug any coats/bags about.

The entrance to the hall we are in is just a short flat walk/wheel around the corner from the entrance. There is already some seating along the corridor but the venue have said they will be placing more so that there is seating for anyone that needs to rest or can’t stand to queue to get in. It will also be a great place to sit if you need a break from the event.

Last year the event was split across 2 floors which was a great idea in theory, unfortunately, it didn’t quite work in practice. The lifts were always hectic and there was a lot of going up and down. This year it is all going to be on one level. The area is also a lot bigger and the aisles between stores are being increased to make it easier to navigate in a wheelchair/with mobility aids. There will also be more seating within the hall and it should be more suitable for plus people.

In both images I am sat in my wheelchair in front of a glass building. I am wearing a snake print shirt, black leggings and white trainers. In the left picture my shirt is off my shoulder showing my rose tattoo.
Leggings - Matalan
Trainers - Adidas Superstar Bold
Hair Colour - Colour Freedom Truly Blue mixed with Pink Pizazz

The bar is also going to be put in a more accessible location making it easier to get drinks and I believe there is going to be more food options. With regards to accessible toilets. There are 2 unisex accessible toilets and there is also a toilet with a changing bed and hoist which is great.

After last year I wasn’t sure I wanted to go again just because it was a long way to travel to not be able to see everything. However, having seen the changes and knowing how hard Zoe and Hollie are working to make such an amazing event I cannot wait to go this year.

 I am a bit nervous about how it's all going to fit. The space is a lot bigger but there just seems to be a lot to fit in. There will be the catwalk, bar, market hall, beauty bar and seating. However, we have been assured that there is plenty of room and it will be a lot easier to navigate.

It is such an amazing event and something the plus community definitely needs. Everyone always looks gorgeous and getting to see so much plus fashion is just incredible. Everyone is also so damn lovely. Even with the accessibility issues last year it still helped massively with my confidence in regards to what I wear and seeing what outfits I could put together. Not so great for my bank balance though as I can’t stop buying fabulous clothes. 

Also, side note: it seems a few people were angry that Curve was started by a thin woman. I would just like to say that having met Zoe I couldn't ask for a nicer person to run an event. She has our best interests at heart and all she wants is for everyone to be able to wear gorgeous clothes and feel comfortable. She realised that the plus community was massively let down and decided to start something to help us actually love and enjoy fashion.

If you want to go it's on the 16th November and you can get your tickets here. 

Will I be seeing you there?


I was not asked to write this post. We were kindly invited to the venue to give feedback. I wanted to write this to hopefully put some minds at ease. If you have any questions with regards to accessibility let me know and I'll try and get an answer for you.

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