30 March 2019

Mothers Day Pamper At Home

So this post is late but what's new there. Will my body ever actually behave and let me function when I need to? Probably not. Anyway enough of that. It's mothers day tomorrow. How are you treating your mums/significant person in your life? 

My mum has the huge privilege of being the parent of two kids who play wheelchair basketball and therefore she has to get up at 6am to drive us 3 hours and then spend all day in a sports hall watching 3 games of basketball. We then won't get home until about midnight. Oh and this is all happening on the day we lose an hours sleep. Isn't she lucky? Honestly, I am so blessed to have such an incredible mum and I will probably moan more than her and it's partly my fault. 

So in the near future (when we don't have to get up disgustingly early) I will treat her to an at-home pamper (Because I'm too poor for a real pamper). We are pretty easy to please though. All we need is a good box set, all the snacks, cider and face masks. Absolute heaven. Is there anything better than a boxset binge? We once accidentally stayed up all night and watched a whole series of NCIS LA in one sitting. We are pros.

Nivea kindly sent me these goodies to get me started with our at home pamper on a budget. First up is Micellar water*. You can never have enough micellar water. It's so handy for cleaning your face quickly (or when you forget to take your makeup off before bed) and perfect for a quick refresh.

I was also sent 2 of the 1-minute urban detox masks. I love a good face mask but sometimes you don't have time to sit for 30mins before washing it off. I mean I quite often forget to take mine off and end up remembering an hour later. But, if you want to eat and drink you don't want a tight or gloopy mask getting in the way so getting all of the benefits in a minute is perfect. They are also perfect for giving your skin a quick refresh whilst you get ready in the morning. 

Purify* - White Clay & Magnolia extract 
- Detoxifies skin by reducing environmental stressors on the skin 
- Exfoliates dead skin cells, providing extra deep cleansing
- Purifies skin, refines its appearance and supports a perfect complexion

Pore Refining* - Self Heating with Magnolia extract
- Self heating translucent gel formula detoxifies skin by reducing environmental stressors and urban pollutants
- Relieves from impurities, refines pores and visibly tightens for noticeably clear, smooth and healthy looking skin.

So what are your Mothers Day plans? Are you going out for a fancy meal or staying in and having a chill day? 


* I was sent these products free of charge in collaboration with Nivea however, it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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