30 March 2019

I've Rebranded - Goodbye Mermaid in Disguise

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you may have seen that I've had a name change. Mermaid in Disguise and @Mermaid_blogs are no more. I have been thinking about it for a while but on Friday I finally took the plunge and rebranded and I could not be happier.

I am a little bit sad to say goodbye to Mermaid in Disguise after 4 years but I just feel mermaids have been done to death recently. I also wanted to incorporate my name and just feel a little bit more adult. I will, however, be keeping the magical mermaid hair for a while yet and the sea will forever be my home

I have also been struggling with motivation to write for a long time now so I'm hoping this rebrand will be the kick up the ass I need. I am already feeling way more inspired than I have for ages and I have a few exciting ideas kicking about.

I am also so in love with my new theme. I haven't had a refresh probably since Mermaid in Disguise was born and it was very much needed. I highly recommend checking out BlogPixie for gorgeous and affordable designs. I also cannot thank Serena enough. I am absolutely terrible with all the technical stuff and she switched my domains over for me. Not only was it hassle free but it was such fast service.

So if you still use Bloglovin you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin I can also be found at @BethElizabethuk across all platforms.


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